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In Defense of Internment
Review written by: Alex Sandell

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The only reason a thinking person would need to purchase this book is to prove, once and for all, that Michelle Malkin is a raving xenophobic lunatic. If you know anyone stupid/naive/prejudice enough to actually enjoy this ranting twat's verbal diarrhea, I'd recommend clipping some of her columns and contrasting them with actual articles written by a more objective author, such as, say, Michael Moore, and make your case without paying for her hate speech. 

As with her columns, Michelle twists the facts and creates a "reality" in her book that only members of hate groups could love. The book is fueled by nothing but hatred, fear and contempt.  I wouldn't be surprised if all 416 pages become mandatory reading for neo-Nazis.  

In Defense of Interment is written to profit off of American bigots and cowards. Everyone behind this book should be ashamed of themselves. The arguments are sophomoric, which is no surprise (Michelle would have trouble writing out the story behind a maze on the back of a box of Fruit Loops).  Sadly, Malkin has now proven that she will write anything for a buck, no matter what the consequence.

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