This isn't my United States. The insurance companies don't want me. This isn't your United States. Not if you get sick. Not if you get disabled. It doesn't want you. "For the people . . . unless they're unhealthy."

This country belongs to the medical industry. It's got us in a headlock. I have epilepsy. The doctors said I may die if I didn't go on their poison. Now the doctors say I will die, if I go off it. Yet the poison costs money, and the doctors cost even more. The doctors won't order my poison for me, unless I see them. They've taken everything that I have. I can't afford to let them whore themselves out to me, at $300.00 an hour, for the sake of my health, anymore.

My disorder isn't allowed to contribute to their sick excess, anymore.

I cannot afford to stay alive, anymore.

I can't afford to be a pharmaceutical junkie at $200.00 a month. Sucking in their pills, to keep me from falling on the floor, and convulsing to death, in a spasm of angst, hostility, and terror. I don't have a choice.

This is their United States. My health insurance was cut, because of my disability. There is not a single insurance company that will take me on, because I am sick. I've been pushed under, with the rest of the "trash," and they can't wait to see me be disposed of. They're just waiting for me to die. Then some other family-member will be forced to pay the final hospital bill. What kind of country is this?

And we talk about the American Dream. It's the American Deathtrap. It's American Decadence. It's American Waste. America is nothing. The richest country in the world won't supply healthcare to its sick.

Yet, Bill Gates can make billions a year by putting out mountains of crap.

McDonald's can take in millions a day, for serving up vomit.

The drug companies can make trillions a year, keeping us "healthy."

Trillions a year. Yet, when one less person puts in his cash, they turn a blind eye. They'll help you live, if you have the money; they'll let you die, if you don't. They'll let you live, if you have insurance; they'll let you die, if you don't. You can get insurance, if you don't need it. You can't, if you do. It all adds up to one thing. They don't care.

They're quickly painting a skull across the American Flag. A skull created by millions and millions of dead or suffering. In their greed, their lack of compassion; the ones that need help the most are trampled on. The ones that need help the most are killed for being poor. For being born into the wrong income-bracket. For being an immigrant. For losing their jobs. For being sick.

Fuck Blue Cross/Blue Shield. Fuck Health Partners. Fuck Medica. Fuck Alina. Fuck Capitalism. Fuck the medical system. Fuck their United States of America. The rest of us live here, too

Wake from your gluttony, Upjohn.
Give back some of what you take, Mead-Johnson.
How much do you charge someone to live, Parke-Davis?
Mason Pharmaceuticals?

Are you helping, more than you hurt? Pull those politicians out of your pocket, and give everyone the chances at life that you have. That your family has. All men are created equal, and then the pharmaceutical companies take over . . .
-Alex Sandell

1998 Alex Sandell [All Rights Reserved]

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