"My Day With Eight Legs"
Written years ago by a 12-year-old Alex Sandell for English Class.
Was given a "D-" by Mr. Malone because it wasn't the required "two pages" and was considered to be too "cynical," "crude" and "rebellious in nature".

Friday I bought a tarantula; Saturday I had to bring it back. I miss my tarantula. Why are people so scared of spiders? Why is it that people are fine with the fact that there's hundreds of spiders running around their house but they're terrified of the one in a cage? Do you think my tarantula will feel like a slut moving into so many different households, all for $7.99 a pop? I hope he does okay. I felt bad bringing him back to the store where he has already sat on the shelf for over a year with people poking at his cage, only to turn away and go "eww . . . who would ever buy one of those?" I could just see his eyes light up when I finished my transaction and brought him home. "He doesn't think I'm ugly!" He was thinking. Then I take him back less than 24 hours later. I want to own ten tarantulas, and when I become the total recluse I strive to be, I will. I loved my tarantula. I hate this class. This paper is lame. Now give me the "F" I deserve and be done with it. Thanks.

Grade me at alex@juicycerebellum.com. I deserve it.

I didn't copyright my papers back in sixth grade, sorry. Feel free to replicate "My Day With Eight Legs" without prior consultation.

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