For the last few days I have promised an update, saying that, "The rumors are true. I was arrested and abused by four cops this Saturday and put into a 72 hour 'hold' (IE - I was sent to an insane asylum) by an ER physician because of my bad attitude (is calling a cop a 'fucking cocksucker' wrong when he's twisting your arm and slamming your head into a wall?). Not only don't we have freedom of speech, we don't have freedom to live the way that we want to, anymore. When you hear the story, you will be astounded...and disturbed. Especially when you find out that it all started because I politely requested, through email, that the theater owner in this town get some actual good movies instead of crap like Saving Silverman. The update is nearly finished, but for legal reasons I am waiting on uploading it."

Well, the lawyer I am currently consulting with "strongly recommends" that I DON'T post the update (which I feel is one of the best updates I've ever written) until I consult yet ANOTHER lawyer, and let him read it, and give his opinion.  This second opinion bullshit is getting old.  Freedom of speech, I have discovered, is nothing more than "freedom of speech unless lawyers, politicians, pigs and medical 'authorities'" are involved.  Now I have to worry about being arrested, or sued, if I put my update up.  I have to worry about a bunch of porkers (IE - cops) making shit up about me to get my ass in a sling so my update, if I were to put it up, would have to go down, and I'd have to go to prison.  Small-town America isn't America, folks, it's Nazi-Fucking-Germany. 

Trust me when I say I'm fighting like hell to get the FULL update up, and, I can be pretty determined when I want to be, and the update SHOULD be up soon.  In the meantime, I have plenty of shit to dish out for all of you to read.  If the updates suddenly disappear for a week or more, that means the bastards got me -- but, rest-assured, I'll still be fighting in prison, keeping count of the additional bruises and bangs I receive from abusive cops that are meant to "protect and serve" with our tax-dollar. 

I wrote a little poem/rant about this all.  I like to call this little ditty:

To Abuse and Diverge
Written by:  Alex Sandell

Corrupt bullies dressed up in blue,
are you the threat to me,
or am I the threat to you?
Hold me down and beat in my brain,
dress me in bruises,
then call me insane?!?
Doctor, doctor,
send me away,
don't hear my words,
just what the piggies say.
Lock me up,
take off my shoes,
stand me naked
in front of all of you.
It's degrading,
as you sit masturbating,
over the power society gives.
The power it gives you with your guns,
and you with your scalpel,
one decides which one to shoot,
the other one decides which one lives.
It doesn't matter,
as long as the politicians turn a blind eye.
They're working for the people in power,
not you or I.
And they expect us to give them our trust?


Trust who?
You cops, doctors,
you whores,
you stifling lunatics,
you wearisome bores?

Are you so threatened by me?
Is it me or the idea that I truly believe that freedom
actually means being free?

Can't you see your restraining orders
only make you look like the fools?
The invalid millionaires
sleeping in piles of cash and puddles of drool?

I refuse to give in,
I refuse to give up,
you picked me to fuck with,
you picked the wrong person to fuck.

I may live in a small-town,
I may have every disadvantage,
but the cuffs only angered me more,
and the nightstick only made me more ravaged.

So go ahead and restrain me,
for having better taste than you,
when Crouching Tiger makes 100 million
and Saving Silverman can't crack 22,
it isn't me, Mr. Businessman,
who takes the loss -- chump, it is you.

I am damned for having intelligence,
I am damned for having common sense.
I never knew a town could be this grossly dense.
If I look really hard, I can sort of see,
you power people have joined together in some sick monopoly.
You people in power are big fish in a small pond,
I'll be the one laughing when you cocksuckers are gone.

2001 Alex Sandell [All Rights Reserved].  Copy this without my permission and I'll show you what it feels like to be beaten and bruised by a bunch of insecure butt-monkeys with badges.

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