Story # 10
In the summer of my 8th grade year, I met this girl. She was in my P.E. class and we became friends quickly. It was like heaven on Earth (I like how you capitalize "Earth," but not "heaven," you're going to Hell, now - editor), we were like two peas in a pod. Her long auburn hair made me happy when I was sad, her bright eyes could shine light on any dark day, and her smile was like pearls in the ocean. So, the school year came and went, and summer was back in action (heh). We spent almost every waking hour together, we went on long walks, we would go to movies, we would do everything together. Your know, summer nights and all (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). So, as the summer dwindled down and we prepared for school, she called me late one night with horrible news . . . she was going to a different school next year, so we wouldn't be seeing each other anymore. Well, shit happens, and we didn't talk at all during the next school year. About a month before our school year apart ended, I saw her at the movies -- It was like a damn brick was thrown RIGHT into my f'ing nads. We didn't talk, just smiled and nodded as we passed (stupid me, should'a made a move). Well, school got out, and I was enjoying being over her.  Then (get this) one night at about 11:30, she and a friend showed up at my door!! I thought things were going to start happening again for Adam . . . I thought too soon. We chatted for about an hour or so, then she had to leave, and she said she would call. (reminds me of that way to tell if someone is lying to you thing). I waited for awhile, she didn't call. I waited some more, no call. I waited a little more, no call. Wait, no call. Wait, no call. So I thought "Screw it, I'll call
her."  I called her up, and she was like, "oh, um . . . hi."  I thought my heart was going to break, and I would die right there. So, here it is, sometime in the fall, and I haven't seen her. I know it sounds stupid, but I still want her back... It's the closet I have ever been to love, and I miss it. Thanks for letting me vent the gasses from this ol' broken heart.
-Adam Knox

No problem, as long as they're not gasses from your ol' stinky rectum. 

Story # 11
I met her when I was 20 (I'm 29), and we both hit it off really well, right from the start. When we met we both wanted each other. This never happens to me. When I got fired from my job (right after we met) she helped cheer me up. She was so cool I couldn't believe my luck. We had tons in common
and had great sex. I felt like life was a dream. I had never been that happy.

We were together everyday for the first four months. Then I had to go away to school - 2000 miles away. We both were really upset when I had to leave. It was hard to say good bye. I felt like a part of me was being amputated. We both cried. I went to school and proceeded to blow about $700 on my phone bill. We also wrote long letters.   Finally school ended and I came back home.

All seemed great again (though we did start arguing more). We spent that summer together. I hardly ever went home. Soon school came around again and I had to leave.   This time was even worse.  By this time we had talked about getting married.   Seemed natural to me, since we both felt like we'd always be together.

At school things between us started to deteriorate. We got into stupid arguments. When she came to visit me we had fun, but also fought. We both started feeling insecure about each other's feelings. I got really depressed that winter (I now know it has to do with the season changing) and she couldn't handle it. She was used to me being always up and in a good mood. I didn't think this was fair considering that I always dealt with her problems without freaking out. She had a bad family life growing up. Another child of divorce, plus who knows what else.

Anyway, one night on the phone she mentioned that she was tired of me being away and couldn't wait for me to come home. She missed having a boyfriend there with her.   She also told me that she and her friends met some guys and hung out with them at their apartment. She said she had thought about fooling around but hadn't. I could tell by her voice she was lying, but I didn't confront her because it was just a feeling I had. I had no proof. Needless to say, I was hurt.

After I came back home my darling broke down with guilt and confessed that she had in fact fooled around.  I was actually turned on by her admission, and we had some great sex. We both agreed that we wouldn't see other people and that what had happened was a result of me being away. I told her that I knew now for sure that she was the one I wanted. I meant it. The good times didn't last though.

I began to realize that things weren't as good with us as time went on. We fought more, but I was willing to try to work out everything. We still talked about getting married, and we were both signed up to go to school together. At this point I had transferred to a school that was closer to home. Then one night I had a fight with my father and had to get out of my house. My darling had always said that I could come to her place anytime If I needed her. Well, upon arriving at her house I noticed a strange car parked outside. I thought it was odd, but continued to go toward the entrance of the house. Looking up I could see her light was on. I called up to her, as I usually did. I noticed shadows moving on the ceiling for a second and then the light went out. I was crushed. I knew what was going on and there was nothing I could do. I went home and tried in vain to sleep. The next morning I knew she'd be up so I went over and acted like all was cool. She thought I was nuts.

I told her I would date her if she wanted to see other people. She didn't believe that I wanted to do that but I tried to convince her that I still wanted her. This wasn't the reaction I guess she wanted. I went home after babbling like an idiot for an hour about how I could win her back, and fell asleep.

When I woke up, I realized I couldn't handle it and I freaked. I called her and got her machine. I then lost my mind and began to scream at the machine like a lunatic. I took all of my momentos of our relationship outside and set them on fire.  But still, I couldn't get over her. I tried talking to her. I did everything I could to get her back. I tried dating her. But we would always just fight and it would just fuck up.

I went away to school and tried to forget her. It took me about 3 years, and the love of another great girl, to help me get back to sort of normal.
-Go Drechsel

And then you came to this site, went totally mental again, and now you're going to wanna have my baby. 

Story # 12
I fell in love with him at first sight. It only helped matters that we were into the same (weird) music (punk, industrial, out there sorta stuff). We liked the same things, did the same drugs (for a little while . . . it was a phase, I admit), loved each other as much as we could. We were together for two years. In the space of those two years, I can name at least two occasions where I saved his life, and a few where I at least brought him back to reason.

All was blissful until he went to leave for school 2 hours away (you know what the problem is? It's that fucking school.  Everyone is doing fine until they "go off to school."  ATTENTION ANYONE WHO ACTUALLY WANTS TO KEEP A PARTNER, AVOID GOING OFF TO SCHOOL, AT ALL COSTS! Higher education sucks, anyway - editor) . . . we did the pseudo long-distance thing for a while (I was a total supporter of this, by the way). He would come back home every other weekend. In between, I would drive out there. It wasn't easy, but it was good. At least that's what I thought.

Now, I didn't go solely on the idea that he loved me, he told me this.   It wasn't all the time, which made it even more meaningful. And I knew he did. He was my life, pretty much. I had other friends, but he always came first. I was head-over-heels for this guy.

Then, all of a sudden, in January of this year, he calls me long-distance, mind you; out of the blue, to tell me that he wants to end it. What-the-fuck?

I remember it clear as day . . . Super Bowl Sunday, a phone call which started out as the usual tender exchange of words, and ended with such hollow terms from him as "I'm sorry" and "nope, it won't work". Talk about your standard case of denial. I was swimming in it. I must've stayed on the phone
with him for three hours trying to talk him out of it (and, looking back, this was a complete waste of my time and emotions). All he could think of to say were such condescending things such as, "I'm trying to bring you down easy," or "please don't make this harder than it already is," and "can't we just be friends?"

Excuse me? Let me down easy?

I was in Hell for the next few weeks, while he went on with his merry life. One of the hardest things to accept was that he didn't leave me for anyone; no one at all, in fact. He just left me. He left me for his hand.

-Chesire Bat

Maybe he just had some good Vaseline.

Story # 13
My ex-fiancée and I were together 11 months to the day. He was considerably older than me, and when my parents found out, all hell broke loose. We had been together for about 9 months when my parents found out the news.  He was THEE worst person I have ever met in my life.

The first 2 months were great. We saw each other all the time, and it was fun. Then we saw less and less of each other, until it was at the point where his ex-fiancée, who he claimed that he hated, saw more of him the I did. (hmmm).

On our 11 month anniversary, I got a call a little before midnight, from his fiancée. She was 13 years younger than him. She told me she didn't think it was fair for him to keep on lying to me, so she decided to call. At that point they had been together for 2 weeks and were engaged. And they had
only known each other for 2 weeks. She had dropped out of high school to watch his kids, and she was a sophomore. She went on to tell me that in that month he had been engaged to 4 people. Me, her, his ex-fiancée (they were engaged like 3 times, and they kept breaking it off. When he asked her to marry him, she was already married, and she still said "yes"), and some other girl. Then she went on to tell me that the fact that he lied to me for almost 3 months didn't matter, and he really loved me. Yeah, sure.


Maybe he just wanted a harem.

Story # 14
I met a girl named Laurie, and was instantly smitten with her. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She had straight dark brown that fell almost all the way down to her waist, had hazel eyes that saw right through you, had perfect 36 C's (mmm . . . booooobs-editor), etc.

Anyway, after about two weeks of knowing each other, we moved in together. She had two little girls, one 2, and one 4. Which I grew to love as my own children, they were my smile in the morning when I woke up.

So we lived together for about a year and a half, with problems developing toward the end of the relationship. (it usually goes this way toward the end). Laurie and I had talked and decided (early on) that it would be a good idea for her to stay at home to raise the girls, and I would support our little family. I figured out later that this was all part of her scheme. So she stayed home, and I went to work everyday.

A little after the year mark, she started telling me that she wanted to move to Texas, where she grew up, to be closer to her mom. So we started making plans, and set the moving date. Well, the moving day was approaching, I had informed the apartment manager that we were leaving.  The problem was, I didn't have enough money to move us the 1800 odd miles to her home town.

So what did I do? I sold my pride and joy. I had a '71 Chevelle that I had invested almost $8000.00 into for a price I don't even want to mention. It was the coolest fuckin car ever, and pretty fast.  I almost left Laurie prior to moving, because I figured out that she was an incredible bitch, but decided to keep the relationship together for the sake of the girls. They needed the stability, and we had grown very close.

On the morning of June 15th, we piled into the Ryder truck, and hit the road. I quickly got a job in the little town and began to make a life for us there. But the problems, and the fights between myself and Laurie kept escalating, and got to a point of no return. The relationship was over, and I knew it. Laurie knew all along that her main goal was to get me to take her back home to be close to the family. And she was going to get it no matter what it took. I was just the fool to do it. 

About two months after living in Texas, I moved back home. But not before I left her with the brand new furniture, microwave, kitchen dinette set, the new beds, and all the money I had in my pocket. It wasn't much, but would support her for a short time. Again, I did this for the sake of the girls.

Leaving Laurie was no problem, I couldn't stand to be around her, what killed me was leaving the girls. I think I cried for about 500 miles.  They were my family, and I would have done anything in the world to make sure they were happy and safe, just the way two little girls should be. 

Laurie used me for a meal ticket, and nothing else. Although the sex was incredible, I'm not sure I'll ever find another as good as she was in the sack (ever think about hiring someone?-editor).

It was her full intention to not have to work, be taken care of, and have her girls pampered. And I didn't even see it coming. I know not all women are like her, some are genuine and honest. Not her
though, the bitch.


Show me a woman who's genuine and honest, and I'll show you a guy in a dress.  Please send all hatemail to:, thanks.

Story # 15
Well, I dated my ex for 2 years, then moved to DC with her and lived together for 2 more, then got married for 2 years. She was in a stressed mood. (Pretty typical for her, as she changed jobs FIVE TIMES since we lived together, and I was playing the role of supportive partner, emotionally and financially, big-time!) So, she says she needs to get away for a few days, and is going to a beach in MD for the weekend. I asked to go along, but she needed time alone to "relax and sort things
out." Said she'd be home Monday night, straight from work.

Well, in the mail Saturday I get a confirmation letter from a hotel in VIRGINIA Beach. So, I call up and ask for her room. Surprise, surprise, a GUY answers! I ask for my ex by name, and he says "wrong room," so I ask his room number and he gives me a number. I call the hotel back and
ask for that room number, and they say they don't HAVE a room with that number! I ask for my ex's room, and this time she answers. After a few minutes of trying (lamely) to fake it (are you sure that's all she faked?  ;)-Alex, the incredible winking editor), she admitted she was there with another guy.

I asked/begged her to come home so we could figure things out. She said no, that she was going to stay there for the rest of the weekend (while I was home alone, knowing what was going on) because she had ALREADY PAID FOR THE HOTEL AND STILL WANTED TO HAVE A FUN WEEKEND!

I had the sense to realize it wouldn't be worth the 3-hour drive down there, so I got drunk instead. The good news is that she took her things and left without a fuss pretty quickly, and also that she married the other guy (10 years younger than her) and now HE'S stuck with her!

Aren't women wonderful?????
-please keep anonymous! Thanks!!

Women can sometimes be dishonest, but I really like the way that their butts curve.  Have you ever noticed that?  They're not anything like a guy's flat, box-looking ass.  I seem to prefer a woman's soft, supple butt.  A guy has an ass, a woman has a butt.  Actually, maybe it's a shrine.  I hate to repeat myself, but they're all round, and curvy, and stuff.  Oops . . . gotta run, oatmeal body lotion is calling. 

Story # 16
I'd been obsessed with him from afar for over a year when he finally got around to asking me out, by telling a friend of a friend to tell me. Needless to say I was delirious. Things seemed perfect. We were together all the time in school, on the phone every night . . . everything was fine.  Every other weekend or so he had to go "out of town" for a couple days, but I could deal with that.

After we were together for almost a month, we got around to setting up an official date. It seemed fine to me, I'd meet him for bowling for a while, enjoy myself, spend some time getting to know him better . . . He brought two other girls with him, both of whom were extremely nice to me, as if they were trying to make up to me for something.  He proceeded to pretty much ignore me the whole time, telling me that they were friends he didn't get to see very often.

He didn't call me that weekend, so I of course assumed that he was out of town again, and looked forward to seeing him on Monday. When the day came, the person who normally met me when I first got to school was nowhere to be seen. I didn't see him until around lunchtime, when he wouldn't even speak to me.

A couple minutes later, after trying to get him to talk to me and failing, his cousin, a good friend of mine, came and told me that he wasn't interested in going out with me anymore. I was shocked, I hadn't seen it coming. (Can we say naive?)

The next day, I found out from one of his friends that he actually had five other girlfriends (Wow, that covers every major brasize - editor), who all lived out of town, and the reason I had been dumped was because I wouldn't put out.

The day after that, one of my best friends rejected him when he asked her out. A couple days after that, his cousin told me that she was worried about what the results of her pregnancy test would be. Guess who the father would have been? (So, he was having a real "family affair" behind your back, huh? - Alex, the obvious joke making editor) Fortunately enough she wasn't pregnant, and we thought the whole thing was over.

A while later, after I'd started dating someone new, a rumor went around that I was pregnant. One of my friends had heard it from one of her friends, who was going out with my ex-boyfriend. Funny coincidence, huh?

Not too soon after that, another guy I liked asked if I was gay, saying he'd heard it from my ex. Needless to say, all that pretty much ruined my chances of ever finding anyone in that area (you must live in a really strange area.  Most guys love lesbians. - editor). It probably wouldn't have bothered me all that much, except I was 12 at the time . . .

Did anyone else feel sorta, I don't know, "dirty" after reading that ending?

Story # 17
We'll call him Jack. I met him as a penfriend (they always lead to trouble.   If you want to talk about it, send me email at: - editor) . . . I was in San Diego, he was in British Columbia, Canada. I considered him a good friend, and enjoyed his letters, immensely.

Because I was interested in getting out of the city and *back to nature*, I was happy to accept his invitation, when he asked me to visit him. He was more than charming, a wonderful host, and I fell head-over-heels . . . and he said he did as well. But I had a life that I had to go back to, and go back I did.

Two months later, he took time off from his job, came to San Diego, and begged me to go home with him. It seemed that we shared so many dreams, and he offered me just about everything I'd ever wanted.

So, I gave up my home, my business, left my friends and family behind, and moved across the border. Got married, got my Canadian residency, and was ready for the dreams to come true.  Ha.

The first thing that happened, was my discovery that he was deeply in debt, and all the money I'd taken with me went to pay off his creditors. That effectively trapped me there, with no means to leave. Then there was the fact that he spent almost every waking moment at his mother's house.

I basically became an emotionally-abused wife, told on a daily basis how stupid and ugly I was, and that I couldn't survive on my own. (Never mind that I'd been single for about 10 years and supported myself with my own business, before meeting him). But I stuck it out, thinking that things would get better.  Ha.

I finally asked Jack what had happened to all the dreams we'd shared, all the things he'd offered and promised me. He laughed in my face, and asked me, "Didn't you recognize bullshit when you heard it?"!!!! Obviously not.

This was followed by my discovery that my husband was dressing up in women's underwear that he found at the town dump (hey, that's normal, isn't it?  It is, right? - Alex, the incredible blushing editor) and he and the brother were writing letters pretending to be lesbians (named Joan and Nellie), to get gay women to write to them about their sex lives (and presumably to get more used undies). They even put an ad in a gay magazine, using our home address, trying to start a lesbian penfriend club.

The divorce was very interesting . . . I was kept waiting almost a year . . . I could've left, but wouldn't have been allowed to take anything with me, and I refused to let him win at that game. I endured unbelievable harassment, but stuck it out. My parents had passed away and left me some money, which I converted into traveler's checks (untraceable, and nobody else could do anything with them), so I had money to live on, and finally, after his lawyer told him he'd better settle, or be ready to be laughed out of court.

At the age of 46, I had to pack everything I owned, come back to the U.S., settle in a town where I know nobody, and start my life all over again. Not exactly where I'd expected to be at that point of my life, and not easy, but I've managed.

Wow, that's one of hell of a story.  Maybe I've found someone whose life sucks even more than mine.  Still, I do convulse, but your name is "Hixie," so we're probably even. 

Story # 18
One day this old girlfriend of a good friend of mine calls me, telling me she would like to go on a date. Since I thought she was pretty damn cute, and we had lots in common I, the unsuspecting fool that I was, went on the date, and we hit it off immediately.

Four months later, after pressure from her redneck parents, we got married. Not one to take such commitment lightly, I asked her time and time again if she really wants to make a commitment of this magnitude. She agrees blissfully and indicates she feels the same way about this marriage thing as me.

6 months pass and she tells me she is no longer interested in me, and I struggle with a relationship falling apart. Unbeknownst to me, she is secretly planning on leaving me and delivers the coup de grace one night when I was over at a friend's house.

I come home, and surprise!!!! All her shit is gone (well, at least she took her shit.  Was there a lot of shit?  Where did she take the shit?  Have you seen the shit since? - editor), no explanation, no clue as to what the fuck was going on.

I am bamboozled, confused, angry, sad, etc., etc., (about 57 emotions all at once, such a pleasant feeling). I try to communicate with her at work (since I got her a job there), but all she tells me is it's over, nothing to talk about and how much of a big asshole I was (huh, oh yeah, I forgot that commitment to her, treating her with kindness, dignity, and respect for her as a human being is just a side effect of being a big asshole).

All that stuff she told me about how much commitment and love mean to her turned out to be one of the biggest piles of shit vomited from that gaping hole she called a mouth (so that's where the shit came from - editor). Despite the temptation to bury her alive in my basement, I let go, and the relationship dies.

I would have liked the "bury her alive in my basement" ending, better.  Would have been more, I don't know, "Halloweeny."

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