03/03/08 Hillary Clinton and the MSM Back in Bizarro World added today!

02/01/08 Hillary and the Smell of Mothballs added today!

01/09/08 Anybody but Hillary added today!

06/05/07 Testing Myself! Man, if I weren't so lazy, I think I'd celebrate my trouble-free life by stepping outside and hugging a tree. Instead, I think I'll give my mailman a call and remind him to slide the welfare check under the door next time, so I don't have to put out my joint, pull on my underwear and walk the ten feet to my mailbox to pick it up myself.

09/11/06 Never Forget!  A Call to Forget 9/11!

08/11/06 Video Games are Satan:  The Rise and Fall of Joseph Lieberman!

06/20/06 The Video Blog of Anne Frank

05/13/06 Flip! Flop!

05/12/06 Big Brother Dubya! He knows when you've been sleeping.  He knows when you're awake .......

04/10/06 The Great Republican Smokescreen.  The GOP owns you.

02/03/06 The REAL State of the Union Address -- Full and Uncensored! Click for full story!

01/12/06 The State of the Media, 2006!

01/09/06 Brokeback Mountain review! Bush Bashing at its best!

12/01/04 Bullshit Bush Economy Hits Poor Hard, Hurts Wal-Mart (every cloud has its silver lining)!

11/25/04 A 36-year-old Minnesotan hunter shot and killed 6 other hunters. Republicans would be proud!

11/03/04 Terrorists in Business Suits 2:  The Second Coming!

11/02/04 The most controversial update ever.  I'm going to Hell!

10/09/04 The Secret Debate: Ralph Nader, John Kerry and George W. Bush

9/12/04 Four More Years! The Bush Whitehouse and the Dangers Within.  A poem.

8/30/04 Who's the Twat?

8/26/04 Unfit for Command is Unfit for Publication!  Click here and find out why!

7/03/04 VERY political review of Fahrenheit 9/11!

4/06/04 Deaniacs for Dean Deanies: Because John Kerry is a gigantic fucking loser!

2/12/04 Progressives for Christ!  Over a few glasses of his blood, Jesus told me that the direction humans are taking is wrong. He said we're consumed by greed. He noted that almost every law being written is being written to benefit gigantic and immoral corporations.

2/11/04 Daisy for Dean! The Democrats on Capitol Hill just rolled over an played dead for Bush. I don't know what kind of treats they got for that trick, but something stinks and not in a good way.

2/7/04 Canines for Dean:  Because Progressives Walk on Four Legs, Too!

1/21/04 The Sunday School of the Union Address: The Lines You Didn't Get to Hear in the State of the Union Address! Just when you thought I had gone and turned apolitical...

11/6/03 The Iraq Trap: Watch Out What You Ask For! "If an iron fist won’t do, how about two?"

11/1/03 Violent movies are corrupting our youth!

10/03/03 Unmasking the Ugly “Anti-American”!

9/29/03 “Wesley & Me”: A Real-Life Docudrama!  [T]hose who recognize the importance of ousting the Bush team from the White House should resist the temptation to pretty up any Democratic challenger."

8/8/03 The Gang That Couldn't Talk Straight!  "Powell fudged, exaggerated and concocted."

7/18/03 You Know Your Favorite Company Turned Multi-National When ...  Super fun and super funny!  Bush-bashing, corporate-smashing!  Don't miss this update!

7/17/03 Media's War Boosters Unlikely to Voice Regret!

7/11/03 Blame God: It's All His Fault!

7/10/03 Summertime ... and the Politics of Money is Easy!

6/27/03 Tilting Democrats in the Presidential Race!  "Thanks, suckers."

6/20/03 The Media Politics of Impeachment!  "Midway through 2003, there's plenty of smoke as clear evidence emerges that President Bush and several of his top foreign policy officials lied about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq during the lead-up to the war. In this context, impeachment is a reasonable idea."

6/17/03 Britain -- Not Quite a Parallel Media Universe!  "Few Democrats on Capitol Hill are willing to go for the political jugular against this deceitful president [George W. Bush]."

5/26/03 Decoding the Media Fixation on Terrorism!

4/25/03 Media Nix -- From Blix to Kucinich to Dixie Chicks!

4/16/03 Twain from the Grave:  I'm an Anti-Imperialist, dammit!

4/14/03 A Lethal Way to "Dispatch" News!

4/7/03 The Juicy Cerebellum sets its sites on Target Iraq!

3/18/03 The Conventional Media Wisdom of Obedience!  "As the adrenaline of unfathomable violence pulses through the televisions of America, the siren of deference to authority may seem irresistible. But it isn't."

3/3/03 Followup needed after NEWSWEEK story on IRAQI weapons!

2/14/03 Playing the "Terrorism" Card! "These days, it's a crucial ace up Uncle Sam's sleeve. 'Terrorism' is George W. Bush's magic card."

11/23/02 Unilateral Power -- By Any Other Name! "The U.S. government has compounded the wallop of its prodigious carrots and sticks by pointedly reserving the right to do whatever it wants. And, clearly, it wants to go to war."

11/21/02 Media Time Capsule: Looking Back at 2002 "The evil that men do lives after them."

10/29/02 Branding New and Improved Wars! "If you doubt that the Executive Branch is run by people who plan U.S. military actions while thinking like marketers, you're (no offense) naive."

10/27/02 WELLSTONE! 1944-2002 "I don't represent the big oil companies.  I don't represent the Enrons of this world.  But you know what?  They already have great representation in Washington.  It's the rest of the people that need it."

10/22/02 Polls: When Measuring is Manipulating

10/11/02 The Day(s) America Died

9/9/02 Terrorists in Business Suits.  If you shy away from controversy, it's time to shy away!

9/2/02 What If We Didn't Need Labor Day? This is one of the best updates ever put on this page, so take a minute and read it!

8/26/02 "Wag the Puppy" -- New Twist in Media War Wanna save your ass from being drafted? Better start reading, and find out how to avoid it, before it's too late!

8/24/02 Freedom of Speech takes another blow at the hands of The Catholic League and the United States Government!

6/19/02 Three Decades Later, Watergate is a Cautionary Tale"The watchdogs growl sometimes, while routinely wagging their tails."

6/5/02 "War on Terrorism" Winking at Nuclear Terror! "America's 'war on terrorism' often seems to be a war of narcissism."

5/29/02 MEDIA STRATEGY MEMO TO GEORGE, DICK AND JOHN!  "The main thing is, stay on message. Change the subject whenever necessary. At this point, do FDR one better: The only thing to fear is not enough fear."

5/24/02 The Case of the 9-11 Photo!  "For a president who'd finished second in popular votes, any hard-nosed calculus could grasp that the Sept. 11 tragedy, while horrific, was a political godsend."

5/14/02 A Basic Matter of Democracy"Today, in the 100-member Senate, cattle may be more equitably represented than people."

4/23/02 Alice's New Adventures in Medialand"The Hatter and the March Hare could never match the lunacy I've just seen in Medialand. I'd heard of people subsisting on treacle, but the current media diet is rather more grim."

4/15/02 NPR and the Fallow Triumph of Public Radio"Boosted by the bipartisan telecommunications 'reform' law of 1996, just a few conglomerates now own several thousand stations nationwide between them."  So, where's our "public" alternative?

4/8/02 Palestinians are Blurry in the Editorial Frame!  The flipside of the Israeli military revealed!

4/1/02 Profiles in Media Courage!  Read all about it, now . . . before "they" will no longer let you!

3/19/02 Television Becoming Spoof-Proof!  The future of TV is now . . . and it sucks!  

3/12/02 "Six Months Later the Basic Tool is Language."  This is a hell of a good read, and I recommend everyone click on the link and check it out! 

3/4/02 Pentagon's Silver Lining May Be Bigger Than Cloud.  What is that crazy Government hiding from us, now?

2/18/02 When Nothing But a Full-Page Ad Will Do!

1/30/02 The only thing George W. Bush's State of the Union Address reminded me to do.

1/8/02 Selling McCrack to Kids: The U.S. Government, Fast Food and Your Premature Death (You can't smile when you're dead) This is the most important update ever added to this page!  YOUR life may depend on it!

11/22/01 The Top 11 Things George W. Has To Be Thankful About This Thanksgiving!

10/12/01 Alex Asks Osama bin Laden About The Brady Bunch (and wonders what a dick's for)!

9/24/01 A Few Things to Think About Before They Take Your Right to Think Away, All in the Name of 'Freedom'!

9/19/01 Better ask the US how to make a monster part three (the conclusion)!

9/16/01 Alternative Voices:  What CNN Isn't Telling You!

9/14/01 Better Ask The U.S. How To Make A Monster Part Two.

9/13/01 Better Ask The U.S. How To Make A Monster Part One.  This update could piss dumb people off!


7/7/01  Small Town Nice:  Hang 'em Up!  Tie 'em Down!  Let 'em Fry!

7/4/01  Fourth of July 2001:  Burning the Flag, and other fun stuff!

6/22/01 "Those Were the Days!": Remembering Carrol O'Conner and All in the Family added today!

6/21/01 Hey kids, enjoy your movies and music while you can, because, he's Coming to take your freedoms away!

6/11/01 RIP Timothy McVeigh

5/21/01 Anne Frank

2/28/01 To Abuse and Diverge!

2/12/01 The Gore War:  The War on Gore!  What do Al Gore, Joseph Lieberman, George W. Bush, rich corporations and bloodthirsty cannibals have to do with each other? Find out in this update!  Also, find out how you can win a REALLY cool prize!

11/30/00 Revolutionaries Never Get Hugs

11/10/00 How to Pick a Juicy President # 1 Okay, much like anyone else, I predicted that snobby Gore and boring Bush could never get this "President" thing right.  In response, The Juicy Cerebellum will spend EVERY DAY, until one of the dorks are elected, telling the two morons how they could settle it. 

11/07/00 Totally Juicy Election 2000!

11/01/00 A Vote For Nader is a Vote For Nader

10/18/00 A Vote for Gore is a Vote for Tyranny! (And I Can Prove It!)

10/12/00  The Debates Get Juicy! Only available transcript of the REAL debates, featuring Al Gore, George Bush and ME, Alex Sandell! 

9/28/00 To all of you Politicians saying that you will put Sanctions on the Entertainment Industry, and that you will use your "control" of the airwaves to dictate what can and cannot be advertised, and that "R" rated movies won't be advertised on MTV, or any other channel that has an audience made up of 35%, or more, of people under 17, and that sex and violence in movies and music has a direct impact on violence in real life, and that there needs to be a Universal Rating System that is run by the GOVERNMENT, I have these reminders

8/23/00 A Juicy Town Meeting

8/18/00 Alex Sandell for President Presents:  Gore Goes JuicyThe Juicy Cerebellum Takes on Campaign 2000

12/30/99 "Broken 2000:  100 Reasons Why We STILL Suck!"  It's the last Juicy Cerebellum update of the century, so you had better enjoy it!

10/23/99 Your Synthetic World:  An Open Letter to Humanity.

5/27/99 "If I Ran the World:  The Columbine Massacre and Its After-Effects

4/19/99 "'Pulling An Alex':  Why I Still Hate The Juicy Cerebellum" written by Charles Lee "Conservative"

11/3/98 Throwing Away Your Vote!

8/21/98 50 Reasons You Don't Have Time To Worry About Being SPAMMED (Pick a REAL Cause, 'Net-Junkie!)

7/18/98 Everybody's All Fucked Up!

5/22/98 Two Fucked Up Hours (More Proof "The System" Sucks)

4/26/98 Just the facts. Because if you don't know, you just don't know!

4/17/98 Humanity is . . .

3/31/98 This isn't my United States.

2/18/98 Ever wonder why you always feel like you're getting screwed? It's because you are. Find out why in, Throwing the Bone!

2/4/98 While you're at it, could we kill these people, too?

1/31/98 The serious side of the Cerebellum takes over in "it's not for you," or, "why people suck."

9/19/97 When HELL freezes over!

7/4/97 How to become the next U.S.A. in three easy steps!