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Note to stupid people who didn't read the introduction to this update on the first page:  This is a list of the best games of the LAST generation of consoles (Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo GameCube, Sony Playstation 2, Microsoft Xbox, Nintendo DS.  I didn't count the Sony PSP because I hate it.).  This isn't a list of the best games EVER made, although some games on the list (especially the top 10) would probably make that list, as well.

Hey gamers!  I know $5.00 for an incredibly excellent game can seem like a ton-o-cash when you can get a Whopper Jr. and Chicken Fries at Burger King for the same price, but receiving emails thanking me for all the great games I recommended that readers chose to pick up used at Gamestop doesn't help me or The Juicy Cerebellum.  Honest, I swear, I do not make a profit off of this page.  If you think any of these games look good, could you maybe pick one up through the links I waste time providing?  I only get like 3% commission, but it beats living on the streets, right?  Anyway, onto the games!


# 20 The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (Microsoft Xbox)

  Prior to Morrowind I had been sort of a geek, but didn't RPG much beyond the Zelda franchise; which I was told by gamers more pathetic wiser than I was was merely an "adventure" series containing "vague RPG elements."  A buddy of mine pushed the Final Fantasy series on me like it was the second coming of smack, but my interest always wore off the second the first or second turn-based battle began.  "Ha-Ha! I will destroy you ha-ha!" "Not until it's your turn! Ha-ha! I have quite a series of devastating blows I have set up before you get your chance at me! He-he!  "I will then sit back patiently and watch 22 minutes of CG cut-scenes!  Hoo-hoo!"  Morrowind changed all that.  Allowing you to fight in real-time, sneak around and do pretty much whatever the fuck you wanted to do quickly converted me from the boy with the dyed red hair looking for the next punk rock show to the man carrying a blood red plastic sword and hunting down the next RPG expo.  Okay, not really.  But Morrowind was one of the most engrossing gaming experiences I've ever had.  One that was only topped recently by its sequel, Oblivion, which was a great game until my Xbox 360 broke down 50 hours into playing the thing (them's a lot of experience points).  I can't wait until Microsoft makes an Xbox 360 that actually works, so I can continue my adventures in Oblivion (I bought an overpriced memory card, just for the occasion).  Until they do (a faster, cheaper and cooler CPU will be released early 2007), try your hand at Morrowind.  It'll take you until early 2007 just to complete.   

# 19 The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker (Nintendo GameCube)

  The jealous PS2 owners wanna-be hipster haters claiming the GameCube didn't have enough AAA exclusive titles for the little lunchbox that could just need to look through this list of 45 winning games to see how many winners happen to be made by Nintendo (more modern classic titles are yet to come).  The Wind Waker mixes old-fashioned WB animated humor with dungeon-crawling Zelda action with "vague RPG elements."  Is it better than Ocarina of Time -- the only game considered more fun than a pussy-fart?  Of course not.  But it comes far, far closer than anyone would have expected.  The puzzles are ingenious.  The action is intense.  The only thing I didn't like was riding around on that stupid boat for like 358 years.  Even if it did have a dragon head that spoke to me every so often.  There's also a surprise that diehard fans of the Zelda franchise are going to go gaga over.  That's right, "gaga."  And if that doesn't sell you on the game, nothing will.  

# 18 Oddworld: Munch's Odyssey (Microsoft Xbox)

  Like Jet Set Radio Future and Shenmue before it, Microsoft grabbed up exclusive rights to one of the greatest gaming franchises known to man (and those big-busted women who are paid to pretend they're hardcore gamers, so gaming guys won't feel lonely).  I was starting to worry that the company's Xbox would surpass the Nintendo GameCube as my favorite console.  But then MS got cold feet (I've heard that's a symptom of MS) and dropped the Jet Set and Shenmue series entirely and gave up their exclusivity rights to the Oddworld series after Munch didn't sell as many copies as Windows XP Home Edition.  But Microsoft's gaming division -- if they were thinking about anything other than profit margins -- made the right choice in robbing Nintendo and Sony gamers of the Oddworld experience.  I'm guessing the company figured that Abe (from the nearly life-changing Abe's Odyssey titles released on the PS1) and Munch -- the first creature to be so ugly it's cute, since the Chinese came up with the Shar-Pei -- combined would be their Mario and Luigi.  A Mario and Luigi with attitude and bad gas.  A "Wario," if you will.  The game is full of juvenile fart jokes and other stuff guaranteed to make adolescents still hooked up on biological functions laugh themselves silly.  There's even plenty of humor to get the most somber adult laughing his or her ass off.  The game should have been a hit.  Of all games that weren't a hit that should have been, this is the one that makes me scratch my head and go, "Why wasn't this a hit?"  Then I wonder why I typed the word "hit" so many times in a row.  Overuse of the word "hit" (there, I did it again) aside, the gameplay is deep, compelling and full of original stuff you probably haven't seen in any other game.  The graphics were excellent enough to make the game the graphical showcase title for the Xbox.  But nobody bought it.  Here's your chance to make up for past wrongs.  If you don't own this game -- or if you owned a copy but used it as beer coaster while playing the inferior Halo -- pick yourself up a copy and find out what you've been missing.  Then sign that gay online petition some moron has circulating around the web begging Microsoft to bring Abe and Munch to the Xbox 360.  It won't do anything, but signing petitions are sort of like masturbating -- it feels good while you do it, but when you've finished you scream, "AM I REALLY THIS DESPERATE?!?"  

# 17 Fatal Frame II:  Director's Cut (Microsoft Xbox)

  Oh how I feel sorry for the poor souls (get it? "Souls?") stuck playing this title on the PS2.  I don't really know why, since I had a blast with the Playstation 2 version, but this director's cut for the Xbox blows it away like Japan did to Pearl Harbor.  What I thought would be a gimmick turned out to be the best part of the newly revised game:  The first person view.  It just looks better.  It just plays better.  It just is better.  And none of the Fatal Frame games were slacking in the first place.  This is probably the only series in the survival horror genre since Resident Evil made it a craze that really tried to do something different than recreate Resident Evil.  Sure, Silent Hill went out of its way to look like it wasn't Resident Evil, but really it sort of was, if you paid close attention.  In Fatal Frame you don't even get a weapon.  Just an old-fashioned camera.  And your job is to capture spirits on film before they capture you and bring you to a ritual where twin tweens are sacrificed to the Gods of Pedophilia, or something like that.  The game is made particularly scary due to the fact that you have to let these otherworldly spirits get as close to you as possible, to snap a quality image.  This game really gets under your skin and it's the first survival horror title to actually give me nightmares.  In a genre gone stale, this is something entirely invigorating and it's as fresh as an anal douche, before being applied to the intended rectal area.  The game is a hard-sell (as are many on this list), but once you try it for yourself, you'll see that buying it was the easiest part -- it's playing the game that will scare the shit out of you (may I recommend an anal douche?)!  

# 16 Wave Race: Blue Storm (Nintendo GameCube)

  Want to know what it's like following up one of the most beloved racing games of all time?   Check out the reviews of Wave Race: Blue Storm from a bunch of fans of the straight-out perfect original and find out.  If you can get past the fact that this isn't quite as good as the original title that spawned it, you'll discover it's an incredible racing game with unbelievable water-physics, amazing twists and turns and just a slightly wonky control system that bogs it down ever so slightly (is "wonky" still a hip word with the kids?  Was it ever?).  I bought this title at launch day and initially hated it to the point of returning it to Wal-Mart and nagging the manager to let me exchange it for Luigi's Mansion.  He agreed and I took home that Luigi-related disaster.  Mama-Mia, was that ever a mistake.  I then sold Luigi's Crappy-Ass Kid's Mansion and bought Wave Race: Blue Storm a second time used for $17.00.  This time I gave it a chance.  And guess what?  It was pleasurable.  Playing it, I felt sort of like my girlfriend feels when I use a ribbed condom.  It really is a beautiful game and while I can't say it lives up to the original I will admit that it is nearly as good and the best time you'll have playing with something wet.  As long as you don't start wearing a condom with "nubs for her pleasure" during intercourse.  

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