-The Broadways

60% Fifteen + 30% Propagandhi + 10% Jawbreaker =
The Broadways

"The Broadways" first full-length, "Broken Star" is the perfect soundtrack to "The Juicy Cerebellum." With personal lyrics that hit you right in the gut, and political poetry that knocks you flat on your ass, this is thee band of the year. Probably the last five years. During the past month, since the CD was released, I haven't just been playing it a lot; it's all I've been playing.

"What if I'm the one who's crazy?"

With a total of 15 songs, clocking in at just under 45 minutes, and chock-full of lyrics that actually make you think, while you sing along, this album is quite a bargain at only $9.00 for the record, or $12.00 for the Compact Disc (this price INCLUDES shipping & handling). The deal gets even better when you realize that all profits are going to charity.

"What if I'm the one who's crazy?"

With songs like "15 minutes," "fuck you Larry koesche, i hope you starve and die someday," "everything i ever wanted to know about genocide i learned in the third grade" and "police song," you know you're in for a real punk band, in every sense of the word. This isn't the 17th "Screeching Weasel" reunion. If anything, it's like "Fifteen" got back together, and had "Propagandhi" co-write their music.

"What if I'm the one who's crazy?"

The Broadways

"Broken Star"

The best thing about purchasing this record (or CD, whichever gets your juices flowing), is that all profits are going straight to the Epilepsy Foundation of America (EFA). Although epilepsy isn't the "hip" cause of the month with Hollywood, it's a fucking terrifying, and disabling, disorder. You don't know what Hell really is, until you wake up from a convulsion.

"What if I'm the one who's crazy?"

This is the second CD in the "good deed of the month club." For all the people that just don't quite get it, I'll answer a pretty commonly asked question, "no, you aren't obligated to buy a CD every month, if you buy one from me." I'm not fucking Columbia House, or BMG (although I get a lot of junk-mail from them), and I don't even have my own collection agency (although, with Fantasy Man ripping me off, I should).

All you have to do is send a check, or money-order, made out to ALEX SANDELL, in the amount of $12.00, if you're buying the CD, or $9.00 for the record, to:

"The Juicy Cerebellum Good Deed of the Month Club"
C/O Alex Sandell
7200 - 43rd Ave. N. # 3
New Hope, MN 55428

You can also send cash, but make sure it's well-concealed, so those icky Cliff's and Newman's don't end up stealing it.

Last month there was over 16,000 people at my site, and I only ended up selling (at the last minute), a total of 4 CDs. That's pretty pathetic. A lot of you said that you would have bought it, but you already owned the CD. The rest of you were just too lazy to write out a check, put a stamp on an envelope, and send out some mail, the old-fashioned way.

That's why I chose a brand new release this month, that the majority of you probably don't already have, and a charity where, if no one orders, I'll take it personally (that was a hint). So, please divert your eyes from the monitor for 3 minutes, write out an order, and put it in the mailbox. It doesn't take very long, you'll get a great new band delivered right to your door, and you'll help out a worthy cause. You can't go wrong.

"What if I'm the one who's crazy? I'm not crazy . . .
-The Broadways

If you're still not convinced, click here to read some lyric-samples from the album. If you love punk, as I said above, you can't go wrong, because the music is great. If you can't stand punk, you still can't go wrong, because of the excellent lyrics, and great artwork the CD contains.

1998 Alex Sandell [all rights reserved], except where noted, 1998 The Broadways [all rights reserved].

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