So you'd like to join our community? You're not the only one! At GeoShitties, we get thousands of new members a day. There's over a million people just like you, already signed up!

What's the cost? That's easy - THERE IS NONE! That's right, GeoShitties is FREE (unless you actually update your page, and run out of room, then we charge ya)! All you need to do is put a little ad at the bottom of each of your pages telling people that they too can get their own FREE homepage at GeoShitties. Oh . . . another thing, as soon as your page is online, you'll notice lots of ADS popping up that you didn't even put there! You might even advertise products and companies that you're totally OPPOSED to, without even knowing it! We didn't use to need to do this, back when we weren't making quite as much money, but now that we're SUPER RICH, we decided we need to make EVEN MORE! Our lawyers have asked us to include the few other things you have to do to get a free homepage on GeoShitties, you can read about them all in the paragraph below.

Suck our Disneyland CEO off on an annual basis. Never, EVER write a letter in to GeoShitties complaining about ANYTHING, you will be kicked out of the community. Be aware that nearly anything you write, if considered even mildly offensive by anyone that ever reads it (including Catholics), will be censored immediately. Be prepared for sudden changes in GeoShitties policy, at any given moment. Thank you.

Do you get paid for the ads we put on your site? Yes . . . and no. Yes, you get paid by receiving a totally FREE site. No, you don't get paid in cash, even if your site gets really popular and makes us lots of money.

Now you're probably asking, "is this really a community, or just a way for some rich dudes to get even richer?" That's another easy one for us to answer. GeoShitties is first and foremost a community. It just happens to be one that doesn't share its wealth, brainwashes its residents, and that may kick you out at the first sign of trouble . . . without warning! Sounds just like home, don't it? (not to mention, it's also a way for rich dudes to get even richer. Our lawyers made us say that. They're rich, too.)

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