I take some pretty interesting classes, and get some pretty interesting grades, if I do say so myself. *Fart* Excuse me! I didn't feel that one coming. *Blush*

Here are my grades:

Chemistry: A+
Biology: A+
Sociology: A+
Creative Writing: A- (My teacher says I don't grasp "satirical humor." Hey, I've watched Monty Python.)
Psychology: A+
Calculus: A+
Taxidermy: A+ (And a weak stomach. *Giggle*)

As you can see, I'm not dumb. Actually, I'm fairly smart. My mom says that if I stay smart, and begin making lots of money, my looks won't matter as much to girls anymore, when I'm a rich doctor or veterinarian, and I'll get laid. Maybe even by that 53-year-old! Oh, and my mom didn't actually say "get laid," she said I'd "find a wife," but that's the same thing, right? Honk if you're horny. *Honk* *Honk* *Winking*

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