I Guess
Written by:  Alex Sandell

. . . I guess I'm not willing to fight a cause,
because there's the chance that I may lose it.
. . . I guess I don't have the time for  you,
because someone better may come up.
. . . I guess I'm not able to say "yes,"
because so many people have said "no" to me.
. . . I guess I don't really owe you shit,
because no one helped me get to where I am.
. . . I guess I'm not able to commit,
because in the past commitments have been broken.
. . . I guess I don't have the right to smile,
because one day it might turn into a frown.
. . . I guess I'm not all that I was cracked up to be,
because I'm not anything that I ever dreamed of.
. . . I guess I don't have the nerve to join the club,
because I might not be accepted.
. . . I guess I'm not able to trust anyone,
because of all the times that I've been lied to.
. . . I guess I don't have the skills required,
because last time I didn't get the job.
. . . I guess I'm not ready to try harder,
because I might have to slow down, one day.
. . . I guess I don't enjoy where I'm at,
because I'm too busy worrying about where it is I'm going.
. . . I guess I'm not in need of a new friend,
because he might end up an enemy.
. . . I guess I don't need any of your favors,
because there might be ulterior motives behind them.
. . . I guess I'm not going to talk it out with you,
because you might not listen.
. . . I guess I don't reciprocate your love,
because my ex didn't reciprocate for me.
. . . I guess I'm not going to do the right thing,
because I've already done so much wrong.
. . . I guess I don't want to grow old with you,
because you might die first and leave me by myself.
. . . I guess I'm not too much of anything,
because I'm too scared of what I might not be.
. . . I guess I don't care much for anything,
because anything I care for could let me down.

2000 Alex Sandell [All Rights Reserved].  I guess I should copyright everything, because everyone copyrights everything from me.

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