Helo thare, my name's Bubba Dorkweiner, and this is my page. As maybee you could see, I like guns. Not onlee do I like thim, I have fun with guns (that's ware I got the tightel). Likeing guns has its many benafets. My most faveorite benafet is that if you like guns, you get to be a membar of the NBA. I'm not even a good baskatball playar but they said "if you like guns, you should join in the NBA." I laffed, of corse, why would the NBA want me? But, they did. Thay got my card wrong, thoe, and typed "NRA". I stil framed it, cus they relly ment "NBA". My momma alwayz told me to not be meen to peopal that are not as smart as me, cuz not evererywon got born with as much branes as I did. My momma wuz evin moor smartar than me. She used to always say "if the angels dident want us in bed togethar, they wouldent of given us the equipmant." She wuz a sexy ladey, for a momma. To bad she is ded now, since daddy got so mad at her won day and sent her to Heavan. Daddy drank sum.

Gun Controle
sum peopel say we need gun controle. Thay say that we shouldnot have no handguns and stuff, cuz we dont need no handguns to hunt. They also make me feel bad cus they say we dont nede no semi-ottomatic wippins. They our not smart, theese peopel. The NBA told me peopel like them are tryang to take all my freedumbs away. I like my freedumbs. And I DO use semi-ottomatic wippins to hunt. (The NBA told me too say thaat.)

Wat I do for fun
I like to mostlee hunt. It is moore (that is always makeing me laff that moore is spelt like that James Bond actir) fun evan if you put in some Ted Nuget into the walkmen. Ted Nuget is the biggest rock star. He made a sung called "Cat Scractch Fevir." It is the most populir song ever in this worldd. I dont usuallee tell most peopel this, but sometimes i get a eracti erectan erectia - boner when i shoot off my gun at things.

Thats all four now
You probablee could not tel from lookeng at this page, but i do not like to do writing much. I jist wantid peopel to see that not all of us peopel who hunt and shoot guns and stuf are so dumb like peopel sometimes even like to think. I wil promis to up-date this page at a latar time. I gis you caan go bak to thet tabel of branes thing if u wanted too.

ęCopyright 1997/1998/1999/2000, Alex Sandell [All Rights Reserved], because Bubba got his first erection only minutes ago!

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