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Freezes Over
Written by:  Alex Sandell

. . . AT&T and Microsoft will finally hire real employees, and pay them real wages, instead of hiring convicts at $1.75 an hour, so Bill Gates can add another 40,000 square feet to his lovely home.
. . . Dogs will say to themselves, "hey, maybe this butt-sniffing thing isn't all that it's made out to be."
. . . So will people.
. . . A glam metal band will discover that there's some things even more interesting than their cocks.
. . . Fans of glam metal will discover they actually have a cock to be interested in.
. . . A janitor cleaning out toilets and tampon bags, will be paid more than the rich CEO that's doing the shitting.
. . . I'll smile gaily and, "go with the flow."
. . . My Internet provider will get a clue, and let me put my site up on their server, because, since they're a Government run organization, IT'S AGAINST THE LAW NOT TO (not to mention, unconstitutional, hypocritical, and annoying as hell)! 
. . . The poor will be able to afford to be healthy, and the rich will have to sell their family heirlooms to the pawn shop, to buy their kids medicine. 
. . . I'll wash once, and actually repeat.
. . . My site will get a sponsor, and I'll never have to work a day job, again.   (That was a hint.)
. . . Bell Bottoms will come back in style . . . uh . . . scratch that one.
. . . Walt Disney stockholders will become as warm-hearted and caring, as the cartoon characters that give them stock to hold.
. . . My fucking balls will stop itching.
. . . A pharmaceutical company will release a pill that actually works.   (Maybe one to stop my balls from itching.)
. . . The U.S. Government will honestly become a Government "of the people, by the people, for the people," with the exception of those nasty little shits that currently work behind the counter at all those welfare, immigration, and post offices across the country.
. . . Wealthy people will admit they got that way, not through hard work, but through inheritance, and the ability to be really fucking selfish.
. . . "Freedom of Speech" will become more than just a myth.
. . . Joel Schumacher will finally direct a good "Batman" movie.
. . . GeoCities will finally admit that it's not really "your home on the web," but actually just a "super clever 'get-rich-quick' scheme." 

1997 Alex Sandell [All Rights Reserved].  Yeah, buddy - I'll let you copy it . . . WHEN HELL FREEZES OVER!

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