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I really hope that each of you, even those of you that come to this page to look at nothing but boobies, read this update, and pay close attention.  It gets more intense as it goes along, and it is, to me, the most important thing I've ever put online.  Also, it's true!  This shit really happened to me!  This shit is still HAPPENING to me (you'll read about that in a future chapter)!  Click a chapter to read it.  (If you haven't read any yet, chapter one is the place to start.  Each chapter gets better than the one before it.  Don't worry, it will ALL make sense in the end!)

Chapter one
Welcome to the White Room!

Chapter two
You've Been Served . . .

Chapter three
The Palace 15

Chapter four
Nightsticks, restraints and Hannibal Lecter

Chapter five
No wonder they're called PIGS

Chapter six
Cop 101

Chapter seven
These are the cracks of your ass

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