Written by: Alex Sandell

I hate the Internet. I fucking hate it. I hate the Information Super Highway. I hate the bullshit. I hate 99.998% of all personal WebPages (and isn't that all there is?). I hate chatting. I hate the cyberworld. I hate GeoCities for being hypocritical, backstabbing, ass-kissing, mother-fucking TWATS. What a bunch of crap.

I hate the bitch from Canada who decided to lie her ass off to me. I hate the cunt from Finland who casually disappeared. I hate the peckers with the AOL addresses who sign up for my newsletters and a week later close their accounts. I hate AOL. I hate people who don't respond to emails. Email me, I'll get back to you. There's 24 hours in a day, and aren't you worth thirty seconds?

I hate the freaks at the dead pool, who stopped advertising on my page. An illegal organization dealing with betting money online over the corpses of celebrities, yet they can't cough up a hundred bucks. I should bust your sorry asses. I hate the ASSHOLE at Cybererotica for never paying me the money he still owes for my placing his lousy banner up for his lame-ass site. Plus, I loved the badmouthing he did of me. Thanks for the bullshit, you redneck Vegas cocksucker.

Hmm . . . who else do I hate? I hate Microsoft for their shitty browser (grab Netscape while you can). I hate all the uppity fuckheads who claim I spammed them, when I just sent them the newsletter they requested. I hate the parents of kids who get my newsletter and write to me saying that I must "discontinue" my "service." I'm sorry for introducing your child to reality. If I had only known it was a "family" account, I would have been raunchier. I hate . . . ah, fuck it . . . I hate everything.

1998 Alex Sandell [All Rights Reserved] You know, I REALLY hate people who violate my copyright.

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