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Well, once again, putting my faith into something has led me to a broken heart (tampons don't even explain this one). My fiancée (we were set to marry September 27th, this year) decided to take a little trip to Sweden, cheat on me and then proceed to lie about it for two weeks and, when I found out, dump me. Ain't life a bowelful of rusty nails?

My EX-fiancée

So, ladies, I'm available again. Yep. YOU can be the next one to break the heart of The Juicy Cerebellum's creator!!! Imagine the fun you could have. You could laugh to yourself as you tell me I mean the world to you. You could giggle over my gullibility when you say I'm the only one and, you want me for life. You TOO could win expensive prizes (gifts), simply by convincing me that you really ARE the one.

Think of how proud you'll be when I fall for it all. Who knows, if you're as good as Eesabelle (name changed to protect the guilty) was, you can even score a ring! Think how amazingly funny it will be to see my eyes light up as you tell me that I can "really put my faith" into you and that you're the one that I "really CAN trust." And, it will be hard to hold back the laughter when I ask "will you marry me?" and, you respond with a sincere "yes."

But, the marvels don't end there. Not even close!!! Think of when I find out how you've betrayed me. Imagine the glorious mind games you can play then. You might even get to see me cry!!! WEEEEEEEEEE!!! If you're REALLY manipulative, and have NO conscience AT ALL (like certain ex-fiancées that I know), you can turn everything around and make me out as the bad guy. You can tell me that it's "degrading" not to be trusted and, how much you "hurt" over my doubts.

Yes, dear reader, YOU can have ME apologizing like mad, for what YOU did. YOU can hear ME say (through buckets of tears) "I'm so sorry I doubted you, I know you wouldn't cheat on me." YOU can hear ME call you up and tell you that you're "all that matters to me and, I DO trust you, I DO know you'd never lie." Think of the belly-laughs you'll get when you tell your friends and neighbors how I fell for it all!!!

Sound fun? Well then, you can reach me here, at the Juicy Cerebellum. Send me an email, ASAP and, maybe YOU can be the next person to destroy my life. Catch me soon, while I'm still naive. Good luck, faithful reader.

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