"Most of us can sit back and laugh when a guy goes ass over tea kettle and crashes to the ground, almost killing himself... But if it happened to you, I want to see you laugh..."
-Jack Lemmon

Jack Lemmon
February 8th, 1925 - June 27th, 2001

I only found out a few minutes ago.  I can't even compose my thoughts.  I can't believe he's dead.  The same week as Carroll O'Conner.  Losing two of America's greatest actors in 7 days.  It's overwhelming.  6 hours ago he was still alive.  I wish I could get my thoughts in order and write a tribute worthy of the man, but how could anyone?  For 76 years, the world was a happier place.  It wasn't your time to go ass over tea kettle, Jack, and nobody's laughing now.


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