Day three in my journals of the girl who came all the way from Finland to spend New Year's Eve with me
Written by: Alex Sandell

Due to this overwhelming need I have to write introductions, I feel compelled to tell you that this is day number three in my journals of the girl who came all the way from Finland to spend New Year's Eve with me. I'm guessing you might have probably already known that.

December 29th, 1997. Day number three.
3:37 PM: I wake up.

3:43 PM: Tanja is watching TV. She's been up since "sometime in the morning." A repeat of last night's local news is on. Tanja looks about ready to die. Her coughing is getting worse, and I end up tiptoeing my way around large piles of phlegm, just to get to the freezer, to find some sort of frozen breakfast. I choose Barbecued ribs.

4:17 PM: We go through a list of things we could do. Visit museums, tour downtown Minneapolis (ooh, wow!), head to the zoo, try downhill skiing, watch a concert, see a play or just sit around and cough up phlegm together. We end up bowling.

5:24 PM: We arrive at the bowling alley. Shawn, my "redneck-with-the-heart-of-gold" and his super bitchy wife, Stacy, meet us there. Everyone at the alley knows them on a first name basis. One guy sort of "thinks" he remembers me. Tanja has never bowled. I haven't in about three or four years. This should be interesting.

5:27 PM: After rolling my first gutter, I realize that maybe it won't be.

5:44 PM: The first game is over. Shawn the redneck gets 212 points. His sniveling little brat of a wife gets 117, and spends the next hour talking about how she "usually" does better, and thinks it must be her sore wrist. She refuses to play another game. I end up with a whopping score of 97. And Tanja gets 17. I proudly declare, "hey! I can finally beat somebody!"

5:48 PM: We begin our second game. Tanja actually hits 7 pins on her first throw. Shawn's "2-second-lesson" must have actually worked. "Maybe she could reach my ability-level, within a day or two," I think to myself.

5:51 PM: I knock down only 3 pins, with my first roll.

5:53 PM: Shawn gets a strike.

5:54 PM: Stacy sits in the corner and complains about her wrist.

6:15 PM: We finish our second game. Tanja winds up with a score of 103. Shawn gets a 217. I manage to pull off an 84, while trying to convince everyone that, I too, have a sore wrist.

6:34 PM: We finally succeed in assuring the bowling-guy that runs the place that we really didn't play 5 games, and his computer must have fucked up. I begin wondering what kind of fungus I picked up from my rental shoes.

7:07 PM: We go eat. I convince Tanja to try BBQ ribs. She hates them. I eat the rest. And no, I'm not super-mega fat. Here's to hyper-activity!

7:17 PM: We decide to go see "Titanic" again. It isn't sold-out. We watch it. Tanja coughs throughout the entire thing. The usher "doesn't want to insult us," but asks if we'd "like" a refund, so we could come back and see it on "a day that we may enjoy the movie more fully."

9:30 PM: Feeling insulted, we arrive back at my apartment, and watch TV for countless hours before Tanja spasms, wheezes, and coughs herself to sleep.

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