Dear Jubilant Cerebellum Readers -

A lot of you write really nice letters to me. I don't think I've told you how they change my life, or make my day, or even how I get all gooey inside, reading these letters. Well, I just thought I'd give you a big "thanks!" I'm writing all of this for you. It may come from me, but it's only love, and love is meant to be shared! I'm writing because I find this world to be a wonderful, harmonious place, where a "happy time" can be found almost anywhere!

Frankly, I think of you as my best friends. I hope my love can, in some way, change your lives, as your emails have changed mine. I'd be happy if I could even make you smile. I think you're all hopeful little angels that would drop what you're doing to help someone in need, if it was "that time."

What exactly am I saying? I need a big hug. :)

Thanks in advance.



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