Dear Jubilant Cerebellum Readers -

It has been over two years since I last updated The Jubilant Cerebellum.  That is because I have been busy spreading gonorrhea love throughout the world at an alarming rate!  Mr. Jubilant Cerebellum man has also found that he has fifteen times the love to share, now that he's been diagnosed with a multiple personality disorder!  i'll kill you all you fucking assholes.  SHUT THE FUCK UP, BITCH!  you shut up!  you shut up!  you shut up!  Now even I don't know the amount of love I'll give, and when I'll be giving it.  Oh, I am so happy I was born!  I HATE LIFE.  I'm just giving my cheeks a work out everyday from all the smiling I've been doing.  performing dozens of blowjobs didn't hurt, either, you fucking homo.  How have all you been?  I see, upon returning from prison my happy mission that my page is more popular than EVER!  With 1 person a day hitting this site on average, the world will change into a happier place at any time.  swastikas they're everywhere.  swastikas mother - oh god, swastikas!  I don't have much more to say right now, because I'm about ready to get lost in a good book (Thomas and the Magic Railroad - it turned into a hit movie since we last talked!), but I'm glad that I still have all of you fans and promise I'll respond to the three emails that have been waiting for me as soon as I happily can!  LEAVE ME ALONE!  will it be done then?  will you let me be? 



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