Juicy gets Juicy
Written by:  Alex Sandell (although you're not here for the writing, are ya?  Pervert.)

A few days ago, in the Totally Juicy Manifesto 2000, I stated that "any woman, over 18, who sends in a few pictures of themselves topless, with the word, 'JUICY' written on one boob, and 'CEREBELLUM' written on the other will get a FREE Juicy Cerebellum T-Shirt and their picture(s) on this page."  I went on to say, "be creative!  On your stomach, below your 'Juicy' and 'Cerebellum' breasts, you could write, 'RULES!'  Or above your boobs it could read, 'I love the'.  The fun never stops."  Well, after 72 long hours of thinking nothing was going to come out of it, eight pictures came flying at me faster than a speeding squirt of semen.  The photos were all from one Juicy reader who's proud to display the Cerebellum Boob-Banner for all her fellow Juicy readers to see!  At her request, I am only uploading two of the pictures (the really dirty ones are just for my "viewing pleasure," she says). 

Now, onto the brave soul who had the nerve to get the ball rolling:

ARE YOU FEMALE?  Are you creative?  Adventurous?  Are you over 21 years old and unashamed of your body?  Well then, get out a marker, and ready the camera!  If you love life JUICY, don't just say it, bare it!  Send in your photos!

Special thanks to "Leia" for sending in her pictures, not thinking the human body is something to be ashamed of, and doing her part to help The Juicy Cerebellum achieve world-wide domination! 

2000 Alex Sandell [All Rights Reserved].  No parts of this page may be reproduced without express permission given by the author.  No one may reproduce with the lady above without express permission from her vagina.

Your thoughts?

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