Juicy gets Juicy II:
The Legal Drinking Years
Written by:  Alex Sandell (although you're not here for the writing, are ya?  Pervert.)

About 11 days ago, in the Totally Juicy Manifesto 2000, I stated that "any woman, over 18, who sends in a few pictures of themselves topless, with the word, 'JUICY' written on one boob, and 'CEREBELLUM' written on the other will get a FREE Juicy Cerebellum T-Shirt and their picture(s) on this page."  8 days ago, the first woman responded with 8 pictures.  Now, only two short hours ago, I was emailed 9 pics from a sexy 21-year-old.  Unfortunately, she claims that she was drunk when she took them, so she wrote the words "Juicy" and "Cerebellum" above her breasts, rather then on them, making it very hard for her to get everything in the photo (see why underage drinking is bad?).  She swears that she'll send in some new ones as soon as she can, and in the meantime, I have included the best of what she sent me in this update.  Breasts as Juicy as the ones below need to be seen by the world as soon as possible!  So, without further adieu, here are the pictures:


The pic above shows what her wavering hand wrote.  It reads:  
"I wanna fuck Juicy Cerebellum guy!!!"  All I can say to her, in 
response, is, "Juicy Cerebellum guy is ready whenever you are."

Here's the first shot of her well-rounded boobs.  As you can see,
the way she set it up, you can really only get the tits or the
text.  Hopefully she doesn't plan on going into graphic design.

This is what it would look like if she was giving you a blowjob.
She wants me to point out that she isn't really "that" pale.  
I guess that she was holding the camera herself, and the flash
whitened things up.  Oh well, I'd still suck on them for countless
hours and then strut around proudly for days.  Sun-tans be

This is what it would look like if you were a 
baby ready to breast-feed.  Got milk?

ARE YOU FEMALE?  Are you creative?  Adventurous?  Are you over 21 years old and unashamed of your body?  Well then, get out a marker, and ready the camera!  If you love life JUICY, don't just say it, bare it!  Send in your photos!

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2000 Alex Sandell [All Rights Reserved].  No parts of this page may be reproduced without express permission given by the author.  No one may reproduce with the lady above without express permission from her vagina.

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