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Juicy gets Juicy VII:
When a Pair of Boobs Are All Washed Up
Written by:  Alex Sandell


"You know what I feel like doing today?" Christy asks herself as she stares into space, "I feel like actually carrying my weight around that Juicy Cerebellum place I read for FREE every day by sending in some pictures of my beautiful breasts that are so beautiful they have to turn away from one another because they will shrivel and die if they witness their own beauty."  At that, Christy (not her real name) grabs a marker and begins the surprisingly arousing job of putting words to flesh for all of the Juicy world to see.  "J . . . U . . . I . . . C . . . E . . . Y" she prints across the top of her chest.  "C . . . E . . . R . . . E . . . B . . . E . . . L . . . L . . . U . . . M" she marks across the bottom.  She then looks at her handy-work in the mirror.  Something doesn't look right, to her.  "Cerebellum is such an easy word to spell," she whispers to herself, "but is 'Juicey' the right spelling?  Something looks weird about it."  

Christy (still not her real name) decides to wash off the words and start over again, after finding a dictionary.  Three hours of searching later, she realizes no dictionary is to be found.  "Stupid garage sale," she says, thinking back to when she got drunk and sold her dictionary and a valuable Star Wars lunchbox for a quarter.  Christy (I'm telling you, that name isn't real) finds herself in one hell of a dilemma.  She wants to send the pictures, but she doesn't want to send the pictures with the word "Juicy" spelled wrong.  Yet, she can't remember how to spell "Juicy."  She jots down dozens of possibilities, "Juicee," "Joocy," "Juzee" and even "Jew C," but none of them look right, and one of them even appears a bit racist.  "To hell with this," she says, while grabbing the marker to begin printing on herself again.  Christy (do I even have to tell you?) has come up with a bright idea that makes everything Juicy without having to actually spell it!

There we go!  "The only thing Alex loves more than himself," Christy figures, "is a girl declaring her love for him on her boobies!"  She then goes to The Juicy Cerebellum website to get my address and send me the pictures.  Suddenly she realizes something; all she had to do was go to the site in the first place and look at the correct spelling of "Juicy."  "BAH!" She thinks, "BAH!"  (She probably didn't really think the word "BAH," but I'm taking some liberties, here.)  She mails off the new "I love Alex" pictures and explains her story to Alex in a letter.  Alex thinks it's funny and decides to write about it in this update.


Extra Super JUICY Special Thanks to Christy (not her actual name) for being a good sport, and going above and beyond the call of duty to take the pictures, and then take them again, when they didn't turn out.  This dedicated reader took a set of pictures that didn't work, took another set, tried to scan them, found out her scanner wasn't working, sent them in the mail to me the NEXT DAY, and told me I didn't even have to send her a free shirt, for her troubles!  Oh, wait, she does want the free shirt.  Hmm.  Still, she earned that shirt, damn it!  Thanks again, person whose real name isn't Christy! 


ARE YOU FEMALE?  Are you creative?  Adventurous?  Are you over 21 years old and unashamed of your body?  Well then, get out a marker, and ready the camera!  If you love life JUICY, don't just say it, bare it!  Send in your photos!

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