In Wisconsin -- a state known primarily for its serial killers and inbreeding -- a 36-year-old Minnesotan hunter shot and killed 6 other hunters, after he got lost in the woods and ended up on private property. 
. I wonder if the NRA will honor Chai Wang, the misguided and clueless murderer, for boldly exercising his 2nd Amendment "Rights."  I wouldn't be surprised if Wang receives thousands of newly legal semi-automatic weapons (courtesy of U.S. Republican Leader George W. Bush, who allowed the ban on semi-automatic weapons to expire).  Maybe they should also give the dipshit a compass and a map (both Wang and Bush are an need of them).

Is Charlton Heston already setting up plans to visit nearby cities in Wisconsin, where he can get on stage, hold up a rifle, and yell, "FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS!" (could this please happen soon?  The guy's like 100 and hasn't done anything important for at least two decades) as families mourn, doors away, over their dearly departed?  Alzheimer's, or not, that Heston sure is a raggedy prick.  Ironically, he may have had a chance at some sort of human salvation, had John Kerry been elected, rather than George Dictator W. Bush, who has decided that embryonic stem cell research is "immoral."  (I'm sorry, Superman.  The Conservatives turned out to be your Kryptonite.) 

In happier news, deer have been seen partying and building a shrine to Chai Wang.  "He's our new God now," said the great, great grandson of Disney's fictional Bambi.  He then went and "got nasty" with a horny descendent of Thumper, named, "Rabbit-Ass-Deposit."  Last heard, Bambi's descendent was screaming over how much he liked "big bucks," but he don't know why. 

I'm expecting Joseph Goebbels Karl Rove to add referendums to ballots in key bigot/ignorant/stinky states (I.E. - the red ones), preventing Bambi III and Thumper the 22nd from getting it on.  I am worried for sexually adventurous Bambi.  If he likes Big Bucks, Rove will most surely find a way to remove him from public forest, or remove public funding from the forest he licks clit/asshole/cock in.  Why?  The Evangelical loony-tunes will come out and vote against their best interests, as long as they know a bunny and Bambi ain't gettin' busy with some deer with big antlers and a gigantic, throbbing deer cock. 

What does this have to do with some nut shooting hunters?  If you ask Karl Rove, he'd tell you that it has everything to do with everything that happened since the dawn of man.  But, to put it simply, he'd chalk it up to nothing more than a little dash of "Democracy."  Of course, Republican style.  That isn't really Democracy.  It's more like fascism, with some dork in a cowboy hat, telling "y'all" that it's okay.

-Alex Sandell
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Jason Voorhees, a prominent serial killer known for killing hunters, campers and anyone else hanging out in the woods, gives the "evil eye" to Chai Wang, who will, according to Jason, "never be as cool as me." Jason was cool.  That guy in Wisconsin was just lost and sorta pumped up on bullets and NRA rhetoric.



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