While you're at it, could we kill these people, too?
Written by: Alex Sandell

Karla Faye Tucker got the lethal injection last night, proving, once again, brains were included in humans, simply to have something to fill up our heads. But, justice is done, right? We've shown all those icky people that murder is wrong, while eating a nice, juicy hamburger, and yelling "kill her, kill her, she deserves to die!" We're so ironic. Especially Texans.

So, to prove my little saying, "I am human: therefore I dumb," I've decided to go hypocrite too, and add a few more people we should have murdered, while Texas was at it.

"Murder is a gigantic tear in our society . . . the death penalty is the thread that stitches it back up."
-Some fat guy related to one of the victims

While you're at it, could we kill big fat guys who like to sound "profound" while getting revenge, too?

"As she was lying there, I prayed for her, which was right. But it was also right that she die."
-Some big haired bitch related to one of the victims

While you're at it, could we kill pretentious little twits that have the nerve to talk about "God" while condoning murder, too? Not to mention, people that haven't realized the eighties are over?

"I used to be all for the death penalty, but seeing a woman going to her death, made me change my mind. Somehow, it just didn't seem fair."
-Idiotic, 60-year-old, blue-haired onlooker

While you're at it, could we kill reverse-sexist people that somehow think the rules should be changed for a vagina, too?

"Justice has been served. Yeah!"
-Leader of a large group of onlookers wearing football jerseys, and stuff

While you're at it, could we kill gigantic, inebriated, redneck, jersey-wearing, idiots that think it's some sort of CELEBRATION when somebody gets killed, too???

"I am going to be face-to-face with Jesus now. I love all of you very much. I will see you all when you get there. I will wait for you"
-Karla Faye Tucker

While you're at it, could we kill any murderer that says really scary things, that may give people nightmares, too? Oh, I guess you already got that one.

And, no quotes necessary, while you're at it, how about all the people alive that are FOR the death-penalty, just to show them how it feels? Maybe send their kids to the chair, and see if they're still roasting marshmallows at the execution, then. All the people that think the death penalty is a good thing, unless it kills people that have been "born again." You may as well throw in the Republicans, who want to keep this barbaric form of punishment going, in the first fucking place. Any moron that says "hey, I don't want my tax-dollars going to house some nut-job in a prison for the rest of their life." And, finally, while you're at it, could we just blow up the entire state of Texas? Thanks.

ęCopyright 1998 Alex Sandell [All Rights Reserved]. If you copy it, without permission, I'll execute you.

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