Heil Joseph Lieberman!
Written by:  Alex Sandell

Good ol' Joe.  The Senator from Connecticut that has desperately fought to eliminate freedom of speech for nearly 15 years.  It was over 2 years ago when I gave Good ol' Joe the title of "first Jewish Nazi."  I couldn't have been more right.  As a matter of fact, Lieberman has now, with his Media Marketing Accountability Act, proven that not only was I right, I was a damn prophet.  I am so fucking glad I didn't vote for him, along with Al Gore, as Vice President and President.  I am so glad I told all of you that voting for Gore, after he picked Lieberman, would be a huge mistake, being that Lieberman is the new Hitler, when it comes to censorship.  If you support the First Amendment, and voted for either of them, you were a gullible friggin' dickweed.  If you voted for Bush, well, you're too stupid to understand any direct insults, anyway, so I won't even bother.  As I said, Nader (or possibly McReynolds) was the man to vote for, and, unless, by some miracle, the democrats pull a REAL candidate out of their ass in 2004, Nader  (or possibly McReynolds) will be the man to vote for again.

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