Senator Joseph Lieberman, determined to stop this annoying thing called "Freedom of Speech" that we have in America, announced, earlier this week, that he is pushing forward with legislation he wrote that would give the Government the power to stop movie studios from marketing "damaging" movies to kids, and also give the Government the power to determine which films are "damaging."  Lieberman is confident that he will get a majority Senate vote on his bill, and, if people don't write their Senators (hint, hint), saying that they are against this legislation, he just might be right.  In yesterday's Wall Street Journal, Censor Lieberman said that he "is concerned that some of what comes out of the entertainment industry is having a damaging effect on our children."  Because of this "concern" that he, one individual, has, he is willing to take away all of our rights, as adults, to watch movies that big Government consider inappropriate for "kids" (a person under 18).  You may say that all Lieberman is doing is stopping the "marketing" of these films (God knows he's said it enough).  I say to you that if the marketing stops, the films will stop along with it.  That's Capitalism, gang.  If you're a fan of movies, or Freedom of Speech, please take a few minutes and go to, where you can send Senator Lieberman an email, reminding him that it is NOT against the law for somebody under 18 to go to an R-rated movie, and that it is not against the law for an R-rated movie, some of which are indeed appropriate for "children" under 18, to be marketed to "kids."  After that, please write to your Senators and tell them that you are opposed to Lieberman's Media Marketing Accountability Act legislation.  If you don't know who your Senators are, or how to contact them, send me an email, and I'll send you the info. you need to make your voice heard!
-Alex Sandell

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