100% Juicy Links!
"If it isn't Juicy, it just won't get you wet!"

Today is the day to turn off your t.v. (note:   tomorrow is the season premiere of "Seinfeld," so I'd turn it back on, then), get your hand out of your pants (note:  I'd recommend putting it back in later this evening), turn on your cerebellum, jump into these sites, and let wild new thoughts enter your mind.  Let them ooooooze through the (rather ugly looking) wrinkles in your brain. 

Here's the page I swore I'd never create.  A page full of some of my favorite links.  Ladies and gentlemen, it's time to get juicy in a whole 'nother way.  Don't forget that farting in crowded cars isn't a polite thing to do!  My name is Alex, and my mother is Barb. 

How could I start out a list of the juiciest links without a McSpotlight link?   This is the best site on the entire web, hands down.  Read it, reread it, memorize it, and then kick that Ronald McDonald mother fucker back into Hell, where he was spit from (along with those horrible burgers). 

Ever wonder what's really happening as you're watching television?  Click my adbusters link, and wonder no more.  "Pop goes your culture."  Watch out.  (Just a reminder: the season premiere of "Seinfeld" is on tomorrow.  And don't forget "The Brady Bunch," every afternoon!  Mmm . . . Televisiooooooooon.)

Think that capitalism is just a dandy ol' system?  You must be ignorant, or in the upper 20%.  Don't believe me?   In that case, check out the how the pie is sliced link.  You can't argue with facts.  Well, you could, but it's not very productive, and they don't say much back. 

Have you figured out yet, that humanity doesn't actually own the earth, we're just busy destroying it (not to mention all those farting cows)?  Here's a place that might help put your head back on straight, and maybe even inspire you to get "involved" (or at least to dispose of that used condom properly, next time).  Have a heart, click on the planetkeepers link.    

TAX THE RICH!  Here's a site that gives you the material to join a REVOLUTION.  Nationwide SATURATION of actual THOUGHT.  It's common sense VS. GREED . . . Join the class war!!!  Eat the rich!!!  Feel powerful yelling out slogans that were already worn out years ago, by your parents!!!  Next uprising is on October 4th!  Click on the Poster Nation link, to find out more!

Mickey Mouse is an asshole!  Would you believe Disney, together with McDonald's, is paying employees only 30 cents an HOUR?!?   Click on the Mickey SUCKS link, and read all about it!

Ever notice how often we hear about how unfair WOMEN are treated?  How hard it is to be a WOMAN?  How all MEN think about is "one thing?"  Here's a site that takes  the stuff you've been TAUGHT is the "right" stuff to think, and turns it all inside out.  This site occasionally takes it too far (and, darnit - that really bothers me.), but I think it's nice to have a place that points out that MEN can be treated unfairly, too.  So, even though it kinda sucks, and if you're a female, it's BOUND to piss you off, click on the MANinfesto link, and unbrainwash your mind (and then brainwash it all over again, with a whole 'nother extreme bunch of rhetoric. Jeez, human nature is lame and predictable.).

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