A total loser's homepage

Hello. My name is Kenny Koehn, and I'm a total loser. I don't know if "loser" is the right word, my friend tells me I'm more of a "nerd." One time I had cybersex with this lady online, so - I guess I'm not a virgin, anymore! She was 53.

Anyway, enough about my sexual-rendezvous, and onto what you came here for . . . my page!

About me: This is as good a place to start as any. Sit back, get to know me, a little!

My video game collection: Hey, when you gotta play, you gotta play!

The grades I got winter quarter: We all brag, sometimes, right?

My friends: Hey, how could we survive without a couple o' buddies?

Finally, if you really want to see it, here's a picture of me.

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1998 Alex Sandell [All Rights Reserved]. Kenny was too busy studying.