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The Lord of the Rings' Post Holiday PLUNGE

I love it when I'm right; especially when I've spent two weeks being told that I was wrong.  "The Lord of the Rings has made over 50 million DUMB FUCK!"  "You must be the fucking geek! The Lord of the Rings had the biggest opening day in December!"  "The Lord of the Rings is on track to make more than Shrek, the biggest movie of the year! Your prediction was wrong! HA HA HA!"  These are just a few of the comments I received from the hundreds of geeks writing in to say, "I told you so."  First of all, Shrek wasn't the biggest movie of the year, Harry Potter was.  Second, ALL of the above comments, and the hundreds of others I received that were exactly like them, were all wrong by default.  I actually predicted that the film would do "incredibly well" throughout the holidays, which it did, yet these geeks somehow misread what I had written, and thought that I said the film would do horrible right from the start.  I said, and I quote, "the first [Lord of the Rings] is going to bomb so badly, AFTER THE FIRST TWO WEEKS, it will make studio executives jump out of windows."  I'm not sure what part of, "AFTER THE FIRST TWO WEEKS" these geeky freaks didn't understand, but I was getting emails the very same DAY that I put up the review, telling me that I was wrong to predict the film would be an immediate bomb. 

In a later update I conceded that the film COULD do well, after the first of the year, if it won a ton of awards, and I have to admit that I still think there is a *small* chance of that happening (God forbid).  Still, January 2nd, the day the holidays officially ended, The Lord of the Rings:  The Fellowship of the Rings took a hefty 49% fall.  On January 3rd, it plummeted another 28%, the biggest drop in the top 10.  I can only hope that it will be doing the same in the days, and weeks, ahead.  Actually, watching LOTR get lost in the post holiday shuffle is becoming farther from "hope" and closer to reality with each passing day.  I am so confident that this film is going to fall hard and fast, that I have decided to print its daily grosses, and its percentage plunge from the day before, every day, for the next month, on this very page.  This way, we can all watch as this lackluster film becomes the disaster it should have been from the start.  You see, the thing the geeks aren't thinking about, but that I am, is that it doesn't matter how much this film made in its first two weeks, based on the hype; this movie has two sequels that have already been filmed, and if it doesn't have staying power, The Lord of the Rings trilogy will turn out to be a disaster of epic proportions.   

The Lord of the Rings' Geek Sheet (Post Holiday Plunge)

Month, Day and Year

Amount Made

Percentage Plunge (from previous day)

January 2nd, 2002



January 3rd, 2002



January 4th, 2002



January 5th, 2002



January 6th, 2002



January 7th, 2002



January 8th, 2002



January 9th, 2002



January 10th, 2002



January 11th, 2002



January 12th, 2002



January 13th, 2002



January 14th, 2002



January 15th, 2002



January 16th, 2002



January 17th, 2002



January 18th, 2002


-26%* (dropped to number 3 on charts)

January 19th, 2002



January 20th, 2002



January 21st, 2002


-33% (dropped to number 4 on charts)

January 22nd, 2002



January 23rd, 2002



January 24th, 2002



January 25th, 2002


-38%* (dropped to number 8 on charts)

January 26th, 2002



January 27th, 2002



January 28th, 2002



January 29th, 2002



January 30th, 2002



January 31st, 2002



*Friday, Saturday and Sunday are percentage plunges from the coinciding day from the previous weekend, not the previous day.

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