Some lyrics by
The Broadways

"We look out for number one so much,
number two is dehumanized."

"There's two kinds of prisons . . . one where
you're locked up and everything's outside,
and another where you're outside,
and everything's locked away."

"I wish I could turn the clock back,
back to when I was ten,
when I wasn't scared of everything,
and everything wasn't so
fucking crowded."

"Genocide is nothing to celebrate,
extinction doesn't deserve a parade."

"Why is a crime not a crime,
when it's committed by police?"

"It's funny in a place where 1 in 10 have no money,
I hear only 1 in 10 encouraging words."

"What's left for me?
Street lights and a sleepless dream

"Poor kids need the most attention,
but since they're untaxable, they get none.
And because the system sucks,
when the kids grow up,
they'll have to send their kids back into the system that's fucked."

"So what if we can make a million cars in one day,
or a million bombs to blow ourselves up.
Should we call this free?"

"The bosses learned to fool the slaves into 8 hour days,
but do we need them, or do they need us?"

"I've got a lot of nothing taking all my time."

"It hurt me when my friends transformed into my parents,
they don't call here anymore."

"The ceiling is so lonely,
when it's all that you can see."

"Another ugly fucking face,
friendly faces seem so few and far between."

"If I had a wish,
I'd do away with capitalist society.
I'd build a world where smiles and love,
are worth more than money."

"Every night I pray for
sweet dreams and an H-Bomb."

"Everything is hunky dory in candyland.
We hide our problems well.
But it's 10 below tonight,
and I don't know why I was put into this hell."

"You look really busy,
but I really need a friend.
Can someone spare a smile?"

"I've seen possessions that run people's lives.
Everything we own makes us afraid to be friends."

"How do I fit in this game?
Just a nameless face,
or a faceless name?"

"If it comes down to just you and I standing on the last corner of the last town of the last city in the burning world,
you'll still have someone on your side."

1998 The Broadways [all rights reserved]