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My Thots On That Movee With Lots of Blud and Guns and Stuf.

Helo yit anuther time. Im bak, jist wen u thot I was not goeen two be bak. *LOL* As a ofishal membar of tha NBA I had two feel like I had two comment on Alexs not sew good opinon of tha movee "Savin' Privit Ryen'."

When it furst begun I thot this was not so good. It almost made guns look bad. I am telin' ya, if you half a week stomick, you want to scip this movee! It's bloodiar than momma's garbige can on tampon day!

Tha furst like 25 minits do suk! Thay make playin' with guns look harmfill. Guns our yoor frend. At leest that's wut daddy kept tellin' momma when he was drunk and a-shootin'! Plus the NBA keeps sendin' me survays sayin' so.

I wus like, their is no hero here! This is no Jon Wailin' movee, or somethin'. It is jist momma's garbige can. Than that part endad. I was vary happy it did. It may hav maid the NBA look bad. I never seen baskatball look so vi-o-lent.

Than it starts gettin' good. Peepol die and stuf but fur good resun and everything. I meen, this wuz vietnom! Stoopid Nazi peepol in vietnom neerly kil this troop of peepol loooken for privit ryen.

I got sort of board in the midel wen peepol talked abowt there wife and stuf but then the achion got hot and my hands where a swettin! Wus this a seqil to Rambo, or wut?

Evarywon beside this unpatriotac pussy wuz fightin' the comunasts like thare wus nothin' but no tomorow! I thinc I may half evan SCENE Jon Wailin in a gist starring spot!

Total America! This is wut guns is four! I wus vary prowd to be in the NBA buy the end. I will by this videeo on videeo wen it is reeleesed. I wil jist fast-forwerd threw the furst ower end a half and watch the last ower! It is so good!

Alex is a dummy. He thincs it isant good cuz it isant reel at the end! Take it frum a persin who has bin at a shooting range - this is how war reely is!

Go sea it twoday. Too thumbs way up! Long liv the cuntry I liv in! Long liv the NBA!

ęCopyright 1998, Alex Sandell [All Rights Reserved], because Bubba got drunk and ended up in the slammer for fucking a sheep.

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