Clubbin' and Lovin' in Minneapolis by Alex Sandell

Part 1:  Big Ol' Buttocks, Drunk Chicks and Some Guy's Hairy Ass:

Being an old-school bastard (one of those guys who liked it back when artists wrote their own music and played their own songs... without the lip-synching) into about 3 million different styles of music, I've attended a ton of memorable concerts at some of the most historical clubs in one of America's most musically adventurous states:  Minnesota (home of Minneapolis, St. Paul, Bob Dylan and Prince). 

From my very first show, at the age of 11 -- Chubby Checker playing at a Holiday Inn, with a bunch of drunk 55 year old women, shakin' their rotund rumps like they was watchin' Jane Fonda -- to Nirvana playing to approximately 200 people at 7th Street Entry (a small addition to 1st Avenue -- the dark and gritty nightclub Prince immortalized in the seminal Purple Rain) -- I've pretty much seen it all... sometimes more than I'd like (aging asses shaking like they just don't care, can permanently damage a young boy).

Being a child of the eighties, I've even watched a good number of hair bands doing their "thang," in my youth (possibly due to the damage done by middle-aged ass).  My first auditorium concert (Holiday Inn doesn't cut it) was Motley Crue's Girls, Girls, Girls.  I was in the nosebleed seats, but the sheer volume insured that I would be addicted to this live shit until the day I'm deaf (although, it wouldn't take me long to figure out that most heavy metal sucks more than a lecture on sex from Kenneth Star). 

Glutton for punishment that I was, I saw Motley Crue a second time during their Dr. Feelgood tour.  This time I had 5th row seats, on the floor.  As far as special effects go, this show ruled them all (the laser stuff blew my mind).  I'm still not sure why all the guys, including me, cheered when Tommy Lee mooned the audience.  Yikes! 

Dodging possible adolescent headbanger bi-curious tendencies, I quickly ran from Tommy Lee's hairy buttocks to a bunch off pissed of people's mohawks.  This is the time when 1st Avenue became my 2nd home...

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