Prince Rapture:  Written by Alex Sandell

Part 5:  Ending my Virginity with Prince:

There is not an artist performing today that can hold a candle to Prince.  He is the consummate musician and, along with his miraculous band (The New Power Generation), this guy casts a shadow over his peers as big as the Beatles' did, in the late 60s.  Prince knows how to put on a show!  Prince is a show. 

No matter how many concerts you've attended, you're still a musical virgin, until you attend a show by The Artist Formerly Known as the Artist Formerly Known as Prince!

Now I see why Deadheads follow the band from show to show (although I still don't see why they follow the Grateful Dead).  Once Prince left the stage, the lights came up and the concert was over, I felt those lonesome butterflies tickling my guts in that way they do when you lose a loved one. 

There's no way to describe how amazing this concert was.  It was better than giving birth to your first child.  It was better than making love with your girl, under the stars, at 2 in the morning, with a soft breeze cooling your sweat and raising your passions (okay, now maybe I'm taking it too far).  It was like a love affair with God.

I can list every song Prince played, but it won't give you any idea of how incredible each of them sounded -- and how different they were from the songs you've listened to countless times on the original albums.  Prince and The New Power Generation revamped nearly every tune.  The few songs that were faithful to the originals were the sacred tunes off of Purple Rain -- and even those were reedited, reorganized and renewed. 

The searing, and oftentimes random, guitar solos Prince would play throughout the 2 hours and 25 minutes he was on stage would make the emotionless Don Rumsfeld weep.  Prince did the impossible, by turning a "nostalgia" show and "comeback" tour (when did he leave, and why wasn't I made aware of it?) into something entirely new...

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