Prince Rapture:  Written by Alex Sandell

Part 8:  Ralph Nader and the "Generic White Chick" Dance:

7 has never sounded better, if only because you didn't see the band sneaking up and joining until you were already screaming and yelling like someone with 2 or 3 lobotomies.

After 7, the band joins Prince in the classic (and still timely) Sign "O' The Times.  This song is jacked up so heavy, if you don't like it, you don't like music. 

Next is Dear Mr. Man, from Musicology.  It's reminiscent of early Stevie Wonder, with political lyrics reminiscent of The latter Beatles.  Some people are saying that Prince is being irresponsible claiming that Bush and Kerry are the "same soul with a different name," but Prince is right.  Call me crazy (lots of my "Liberal" friends already have), but I'll be voting for Ralph Nader again, in 2004. 

Prince shocked me when he tore through a remake of Led Zeppelin's Whole Lotta Love.  It was okay (and gave me a few minutes to look normal, headbanging), but I really wish he woulda replaced it with one more of his own tunes (Paisley Park, Sometimes it Snows in April, Darling Nikki, anything off of The Gold Experience, The Chocolate Invasion, The Rainbow Children, etc., etc.).   

John Blackwell went into another mad drum solo somewhere around (or within), Whole Lotta Love.  I'm still eager to convey, in words, how powerful this drummer is!  He brings drumming from the backbeat to the forefront, and has the audience screaming for more.

An amped, vamped and ramped up U Got the Look came next (although, it feels like I'm forgetting a song).  I think it was during this hit single that Prince had 10 to 15 women (and one sharply dressed boy, possibly 11 or 12) come on the stage and dance with the band, and the man, himself. 

They were given some slammin' songs to dance to, from Life 'O' The Party, which is included on the Musicology CD, but was obviously written to be played LIVE, to an "it was worth it" remake of Soul Man to Tom Jones's (did I mention I saw him live at Mystic Lake Casino?  It wasn't my fault -- I was working.) favorite Prince number, Kiss

During Kiss, Prince occasionally gave control of the microphone over to the members of the audience dancing on the stage.  Most people were thrilled to join Prince in the song, but one lady, looking nervous to even be alive, refused to sing a line.  Prince asked her a second time, and she visibly shook her head, "no."  Prince got his revenge when he playfully made fun of her "generic white chick" dancing. 

To the scared white chick's relief, the audience left the stage and the band played Take Me With U, from Purple Rain.  After that, The New Power Generation exited the stage and the show was over.  Nah, can't be. 

Prince wouldn't leave us without playing Purple Rain, would he? 

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