MySpace is selling us short and we're buying anyway, because we're a bunch of sellouts!
Written by: Alex Sandell

Anyone notice how MySpace automatically selects "Playing (Music)" in the "Tell us what you're reading, viewing, or listening to" section when you're posting a blog?  Now that Rupert's bought the site up, you would think the default setting would be, "Viewing (Fox News)" or "Playing (With a Falafel)."  But it's always music.

Shouldn't books be the default, just so we can pretend the Internet Generation we belong to is semi-intelligent?  Or at least sort of literate?  J.K. Rowling would count!  And where's the "Solving (Most Complicated Mathematical Problem Ever)" or, on the other end of the spectrum, "Playing (With Myself)?"

With all the SPAM on MySpace featuring hot women asking members to join their "group," that would have to be a big part of the site, right? So why isn't it included?  

MySpace seems to think people do 1 of only 4 things in their entire lives:  Listen to Music, Read Books, Watch DVDs or Play Video Games.  Outside of the token "books" thing, we all look like a bunch of low-IQ ADD kids on coke and candy bars. This doesn't make us look good at all.  Really.

I think the MySpace community is larger than that.  I think the MySpace community is smarter than that.  I think MySpace is selling us short and we're buying anyway, because we're a bunch of sellouts.

Many on my friend list are so far above the newest Justin Timberlake single; it would make Britney Spears' head spin.  MySpace is trying to sell things. 

Solving a complex math problem doesn't sell some horrible American Idol CD or MP3.  Writing a novel doesn't sell the most recent X-Men DVD.  Volunteering your time to the local soup kitchen doesn't send $60.00 to the multi-billion video-game industry.

So play up, you corporate lackeys!  Keep buying that corporate rock, those bare-boned DVDs and of course don't forget the half-assed video games that'll make Bill Gates rich(er).  Why use your brains to think when your wallets can do all the talking?

Unless something changes for the better, that's all this place is about:  Selling crap to the corporate lemmings.  Whenever I post a blog asking me to "tell" MySpace what "I'm reading, viewing, or listening to" I always look for the "none" or "nothing" option, but it is never there.

Obviously I'm not reading or watching anything.  I'm typing a blog.  And this blog sure as hell isn't being typed to sell more material goods for corporate America.  That said, I'm sure MySpace will have a ton of ads for you to click on once you click on this blog.  How about that mega-flashy one claiming to be a "fart" button.  If that doesn't lower your IQ by 12 points, nothing will.

Here's my suggestion:  Click on none of them (not even that farting one).  Let MySpace work for its cash.   Watch how fast they'll boot my ass when I demand a bit of honest labor from the twits.

I wonder when this goof of a company is going to add "rebellion" to their list of categories?  That's a category I'd fit in with and would be happy to select (although I bet the emoticon would still be faggy).  I'm guessing it'll be a while. 

Just my two cents. 

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