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Your Synthetic World:
An Open Letter to Humanity
Written by:  Alex Sandell

In my world, which is one in which I can't afford to buy all that my greedy punk heart desires, I learned how to take a step beyond envy and above triviality.  I can see things from a different angle than someone born in your world can't.  I can look up from the gutters, not down at the people in them.   I can see the pregnant worker working 14 hour days at five cents an hour in every McDonald's Happy Meal toy.  I can see thousands of tears behind every smiley face at Wal-Mart and a million broken hearts behind every bullseye at Target.  I can see the world for what it is, not for what I wish that it was.  And it isn't your world at all.  It's just the place that hosts your life of excessive delusions which are based on a fairy tale land of financial security that was formed by your upper-class freaks of excuses for parents.

It takes 200 people living in poverty to make one man wealthy.  That's the world I was born into.  Privilege is more or less a fantasy played out on Astroturf during The Brady Bunch.  In the real world, even Mike Brady died of AIDS.  In the real world, no amount of money can buy security.  Not the security you think you have in your world.  You're never safe, and you're only as free as someone else says that you are. 

I'm not impoverished.  Paying bills isn't poverty.  Poverty is living in the streets and NOT being able to pay bills. THAT'S poverty.  Impoverished is the pregnant lady making your Happy Meal toys.   Wanna cut down another rain forest and pollute the environment even more?  I hear they're offering 2 Big Macs for $2.00 right now.  If you're quick, you might really be able to do some damage.  I know you don't mean to be hurting anyone . . . those generic burgers and reconstituted onions are just sooooooooooooooo good.   Reminds you of when you were a kid.  Mom and dad took you there.  Got ya a lot of Happy Meal toys.  Most of the people that made you those toys are now dead.   Hey, why complain?  Their legacy lives on in the pollution of plastic.  I love Walt Disney.

Okay, the question is WHAT IS INTEGRITY? I'll tell you what integrity is, to me. It's a set of ideologies that a person lives by and STICKS to. That's integrity.  Integrity is the mind that boycotts McDonald's, not the stomach that forces its way through the drive-thru.  In your world, the stomach claims supremacy.  The mind is a second hand object which is basically a nuisance that allows you to blink.  That's your world.  How petty.

Republicans are a welcome commodity in your world.  They raised you.  In the real world, they're a destructive force of ignorance which fart out a thousand wrongs for every right they perform.  They're an evil party of self-involved bandits that have destroyed more in this world than you or I will ever know, and more than you could ever take in over a box of Chicken McNuggets. I know too much about Republicans and their stubborn elitism.  Refusing the nuclear test ban treaty was only a small move in the chess game known as conservatism.  The only way they'll stop is with a checkmate.  The only way they'll get a checkmate is when the world's resources are completely depleted and we're all out of chances.  No one gets to celebrate the spoils of war, because the spoiled will rot away like the rest of us. 

That's when your world, and the real world, will become one.  Two worlds collide.  That's when you'll look back and say, "what was I thinking?!?"  That's when I'll say, "I told you so," and watch it all go up in flames.  Fuck your world.  It's obliterating mine. 

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