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Over the past six months, I have had nearly 300 people send me an email (that’s 1 in 10 subscribers on my mailing list) asking me why they aren’t getting newsletters anymore.  The reason I can't send out newsletters is due to the fact that I have to resolve an ongoing issue with my former ISP (rea-alp), and an unknown party who, through a trivial threat which rea-alp took seriously (although, how seriously, I don’t know.  Rea-alp has been trying to find a way to kick me off of their Government run service for a long while, now, and I wouldn’t doubt that this just gave them the perfect chance at doing it.), has stopped me from sending out newsletters. 

What I’m assuming the man did, to convince rea-alp that they had to dump me, if I were to send out another newsletter, was to subscribe to the Juicy Cerebellum newsletter himself (I won't send a newsletter out to someone that didn't subscribe), and then, upon receiving the newsletter, wrote a bullying letter to my ISP, the people THEY go through, the person who hosts my webpage, etc., saying that I was "SPAMMING" him.  The guy concealed his email address, IP number, and any other means of contact from me, and rea-alp (which, I feel, is a definite sign that he is guilty of manipulating the situation for no reason other than to get me kicked off of their server), causing me to be unable to remove him from my list without removing EVERYONE from the list, and starting the entire thing over from scratch.  With 3,000 people subscribed to my newsletter, this is obviously the last thing that I want to do, and I doubt any of you feel like writing in to re-subscribe to my newsletter just because some guy that doesn’t even have the nerve to reveal who he actually is, has a problem with some (or all) of my writings on The Juicy Cerebellum (   

I also feel that my former ISP (rea-alp, not the one I'm using now) was EXTREMELY irresponsible in demanding that I cease e-publication of my newsletter, even though they had NO proof that I had ever spammed this person, and actually believed, from what I was told at the time, that I DIDN'T.  Not to mention, my newsletter isn’t selling anything, and is about as far from SPAM as a newsletter can get.  (It is pretty Juicy, though!)

I went ahead and got a new ISP ( from which I am sending this message, and I am hoping the guilty party will simply read it, come forward, give me his email address and/or user-name, and let me REMOVE him from my mailing list.  If he does, I can go back to sending out my weekly newsletters, including “Totally Juicy Newsletter,” “More On Movies,” and “TACL,” and he can go on living the rest of his life without hearing from me.  If he doesn’t, will inevitably receive the same form letter that did.  Let’s just hope they handle it in a more intelligent, and fair, manner (IE – ignore it). 

That being said, it is evident that the person who pulled this stunt, and, both screwed me over in a royal fashion; and, being that I can no longer send any of you newsletters, they also seem to have screwed you, without your even knowing it.  It has been half a year (around 24 newsletters) since I was able to send out a newsletter to you.  It has been extremely frustrating to me, and from a large number of the emails I have received; it has been just as much so for you.  As I stated before, I do not have the email address to the man who instigated this problem.  I DO have the address you can write to, if you want to voice a complaint to for forcing me to stop sending out newsletters, and basically enforcing a "guilty until you're proven innocent" policy that not only goes against the Justice system, but Freedom of Speech and any sense of moral decency that an honest conscience should give us, as humans.  You can voice your complaints, and let know that you don’t appreciate being screwed by them, without their even asking first, by sending an email to:  Make sure to send a carbon copy of whatever email you write to and, I wouldn’t mind if you sent a copy to me at,  You can also call them at 320-762-1121.  This is the number to Runestone Electric Association (the “REA” half of REA-ALP).  Ask for Clay Drew or Rick Banke; these two gentlemen were the two biggest advocates of having me be removed from their service.  I’m not sure if they’ll accept collect calls, but it never hurts to try.  Thanks in advance for sending them a message or giving them a call.  Violations of Free Speech are NOT something to be taken lightly.

I hope to start sending my newsletter out on a regular basis as soon as I can get this cleared up with the powers that be; your messages will be a great help in speeding the process along.  Until then . . . STAY JUICY!
-Alex Sandell

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