Nintendo the Next "Xbox Live Killer"?
Or: "Mamma-Mia! Microsoft is-a Screwed!"

As one of a "select group" of people invited to participate in a "very important survey," I was able to take a glance at future plans Nintendo is considering for their wifi service and answer a series of questions regarding the different ideas.  The questions were eerily similar to those asked by Sony in a survey they conducted a while back, before announcing their "Xbox Live killer." Looks like Nintendo wants in on MS's action, also. I captured the bulk of the questions and am placing the more interesting of them here, for rabid gamers to drool over.  Enjoy!













This is the most interesting of the group of questions.  If even half of these "following potential" features are added, Nintendo players are in for a world of fun.  I was particularly impressed with the ability to upload screenshots (something MS still hasn't allowed on their Xbox Live service), posting content I created for others to download (another promised feature missing from Xbox Live), and seeing what friends are playing at the moment (already a feature on the 360).

"I have had a bad experience playing video games over the Internet and as a result, don't have much interest in doing it."  Post-traumatic gaming syndrome?  "I heard somebody say a swear!  Then they pwned me!  Them is bitches!  Waaaah!!!"

If the whole friend code thing wasn't such a pain in the ass, I'd game with people on my Friend Roster far more often.  I added that in the "additional comments" box.  Take that, Nintendo! 

DSplay, Nintendo is watching!  Being that a later question asked if I'd like to exchange Friend Codes through an official Nintendo site, I'm thinking your days may be numbered.  The Big N can get pretty litigious if you do something like, say, compete with them.

Nintendo's Friend Code system is a joke.  Online is the only place MS beats Nintendo (of course they charge for beating privileges, like some 21st century Pee-Wee Herman).  But, with Sony and Nintendo's future plans, I doubt MS's online dominance will last for very much longer.  Now no one will need an Xbox 360 and Microsoft can quit making their failed hardware and focus exclusively on creating crappy software -- preventing overfilled landfills and random house fires in the process!

Having a single Friend Code work for all games is the best idea Nintendo's had since every other online gaming community came up with it!  Why should someone be my friend on Metroid, but not on Tetris?  I'm not best buddies with someone at TGIF Fridays, and bitter enemies with him at Applebees. 

If I don't want people on my friend list raping and pillaging my Animal Crossing community members, I can lock the gate and not allow them in.  Although, it'd be kinda funny watching those Animal Crossing villagers being blasted by the bounty hunters from Metroid: Hunters.  Especially if they were holding a cyber-funeral.  *snicker*

Overall, it looks like Nintendo is figuring out what they're doing right and where they went wrong in online gaming.  Better yet, it looks like they're willing to learn from their mistakes.  Anything that gives me another reason not to own a 360 is fine by me.

- Alex Sandell

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