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Four More Years!
The Bush Whitehouse and the Dangers Within
By:  Alex Sandell

The opportunists who use the 9/11 tragedy as their excuse;
what they are doing is worse than the worst of abuse.
It's becoming tyrannical, and it's happening fast.
First Abu Ghraib, next it's your ass.

Vile opportunism every chance that they get.
Swiftboat Veterans for Truth are stuffed full of shit.
Dick Cheney telling us a vote for Kerry is a vote for Hussein. 
Some wonder if he's getting enough oxygen to his brain.

Taking away gay marriage and civil unions is going too far.
Four more years and they'll have homosexuals driven off in cattle cars
There goes your cousin and nephew, off to the slaughter.
I'm not really sure, was that Dick Cheney's daughter?

Next they'll round up trial lawyers and take away your right to sue.
Then let's see how many more people corporations and doctors can screw.
There goes your right to a fair trial; justice is no longer blind.
Dr. Frist prescribed prescription glasses allowing it to only see from one side.

And America loses all that it was,
because of four planes, and a handful of Republicans.
They're trading your freedom for oil and fighting the wrong war.
But you'll be arrested for treason if you ask what America's children are dying for.

The media feels forced to bend to the neo-con's will,
due to mass-hysteria and conveniently timed Senate bills.
Color coded alerts used to defend,
against coverage of the Democratic convention, is there no end?

Now the shade of a person's skin determines what's in his heart.
Maybe we can't see an ending because this is only the start.
If John Ashcroft has his way, they'll be tapping every phone,
bugging the landscape and invading your home.

And Michelle Malkin will write a book in defense of internment.
Rush Limbaugh will hold up a novel by Michael Moore and suggest that we burn it.
John E. O'Neill will scream that John Kerry's unfit for command.
Bill O'Reilly will pick up a book by Al Franken and suggest it be banned.

Election 2004 will be won by remote.
Electronic voting machines offer no hope.
On November 3rd millions of eyes will be filled with tears,
as that Born Again bastard smiles triumphantly and yells out, "FOUR MORE YEARS!"

2004 Alex Sandell [All Rights Reserved].   No, Bush hasn't banned all lawyers yet, and mine's more than ready to teach you the meaning of "copyright violation."  DO NOT REPRINT ANY PORTION OF THIS ARTICLE WITHOUT PERMISSION FROM THE AUTHOR!

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