The yellow ducks fly down toward the zoo to find the little people hiding in the cotton candy. The cotton candy is the second coming. On wheels with flames and an exhaust pipe. Never doubt the doubter. For it is the doubter who doubts you. Ugly people bring world peace. The beautiful just look in the mirror. I'd rather play with a silver action figure with no head, than a headless man without a dick. Dicks can be fun, as long as you don't forget the Charmin. Life is like a bowl full of cherries, but mine are always popped. Pop . . . pop . . . POP! Goes the cherry bowl. Turning the carpet blood red. Mother comes in and asks "do you have a bladder-infection again?" No, mom - it's just the cherries I popped. Popping cherries can be your friend, as long as you recycle the pit. Typo . . . typooooos . . . typooooes. My toes were typed by the Lord our God, in a passionate fit of toe-typing rage. Watch out . . . WATCH OUT! The second coming is upon you, and it likes to be on top!