Written, produced and directed by: Alex Sandell

Welcome to Obama Avenue! Think ACORN is behind these yard signs, too -- you Right Wing loonies looking for any port in a landslide? Think ACORN is behind the number of Obama signs that keep being stolen from yards across America -- or would that be you Right Wing loons committing the thievery? The more signs you steal, the more pop up in their place. If the Obama/Biden ticket doesn't sweep this thing, we're going to have to find out where the REAL election fraud came from (it ain't ACORN). Oh ... and the way I sound in the video? That's what happens when you narrate a video with strep throat. My voice is so gravelly; it sounds like I'm Cookie Monster. 

Unless you're planning on voting McCain/Palin. Then feel free to stay home and watch re-runs of Hee Haw.