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How to Pick a President # 1:  Have a Tag-Team Wrestling Match between the Spoilers and the Spoiled

If you talk to the Bush camp, you'll hear what a spoiler Pat "The Nazi" Buchanan was to the Republicans, in such a close election.  If you talk to the Gore camp, you'll hear what a spoiler Ralph "The Muckraker" Nader was to the Democrats, in such a close election.  Neither Al "The Sleeper" Gore or George "The Designated Driver" Bush, America's two most privileged and spoiled major-party candidates to compete against one-another, during the last century, will admit that the only rotten-eggs stinking up this tight race were the ones stinking up their own party's respective cartons.   This political (or apolitical, if you take the George W. Bush factor into account) Tag-Team Tournament will be a close fight, but I predict The Nazi and The Muckraker will take it in the third round.  The Sleeper will come out strong, in round one, by boring the audience, and the competition, with senseless numbers and a monotone voice, but The Nazi will strike back with insane rhetoric about America being taken over by immigrants; possibly even replaying his ridiculous "911" ad over the super-monitors, to throw people off.  The round itself will be too close to call, much like Florida, but will come out in favor of The Nazi, because his ad will get awarded 1 point by Bill Maher for its Political Incorrectness.  In round two, The Designated Driver will arouse the crowd by telling them that he'll cut all their taxes "equalelly," but his inept pronunciation of sixth-grade level words will lose them by the time he screams, "when I pin Nader it won't be sublibinimally."  Nader will then take the lead by announcing that the Democratic and Republican parties are the same thing.  "The Muckraker" will go on to use exceptionally big words which befuddle the audience, and his opponent, and will knock George W. Bush out, with common sense, by the end of round two.  Finally, in round three, Bush and Gore will both become confused over which party they are representing, and will lose the entire thing when they conclude that they are, indeed, the very same corporation, and have decided to merge into one entity, like Warner Bros. and AOL (both down in the Nasdaq, but up in hope).  The two decide to offer an IPO on "Republicrat" shareholdings.  Nader and Buchanan win the fight, and go on to fight it out in an intensified third-party campaign.  Although Buchanan takes the deep South, Nader ends up winning, being that he doesn't favor "killing nigger immigrants" if they aren't "productive."  The race is over, and Ralph Nader is President!
-Alex Sandell

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