Profound Question/Thought/Wonderment of the Day for the Agnostic Month of August
Written by: Alex Sandell

August, ooooooooh August - you were agnostic, fart.

August 1st, 1998
Playing "tag" with a leper would kind of suck.

August 4th, 1998
I was watching the news and saw a guy who rode a roller-coaster for 47 days, just to break some sort of record. Isn't there something better we could be doing?

August 7th, 1998
If I could talk to Bill Clinton's penis, I'd tell it to sit.

August 13th, 1998
If I was the Wizard of Oz, I'd fuck Dorothy in the ass.

August 14th, 1998
People in masks are scary because they're in a mask.

August 15th, 1998
If the truth hurts, imagine what lies do.

August 17th, 1998
I betcha there wouldn't be "Something About Mary" if she had severe scars all over her body and an incurable acne problem.

August 19th, 1998
The first thing we do is flush all the toilets!

August 21st, 1998
Now, if he would have just dropped those bombs on Ken Starr, wouldn't that have solved all of our problems?

August 25th, 1998
Ignorant idiots who smoke and do drugs, yet continue to breed, should probably be imprisoned for life, and peed on 17 times a day, by abandoned children.

August 28th, 1998
If a woman has no breasts, does she still have a vagina?

August 31st, 1998
A "wet-fart" probably didn't mean quite as much to Adam & Eve.

1998 Alex Sandell [all rights reserved] Because, hey - if you wrote something as good as My August Song "August, oooooooh August - you were agnostic, fart." wouldn't you copyright it, too?

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