Profound Question/Thought/Wonderment of the Day for the Sadistic Month of September
Written by: Alex Sandell

September, ooooooooh September - you were sadistic, fart.

September 1st, 1998
War is Hell. So is Kinko's.

September 2nd, 1998
If a doctor prescribes Viagra, do you get a nurse to see if it works?

September 3rd, 1998
If the phone rings, and no one's there to pick it up, is the telemarketer still annoying?

September 4th, 1998
I think the post office should issue a stamp featuring the post master general fucking the common citizen in the ass. The truth never hurts . . . just ass-fucking does.

September 6th, 1998
Star Wars Monopoly would be a lot better if the Princess Leia figure was naked and Han Solo was taking a shit.

September 8th, 1998
The best thing about having no legs would be no one noticing you stumbling when you were drunk.

September 11th, 1998
I have to pee so bad, I just sneezed a grotesque yellow.

September 14th, 1998
It would probably be wise not to serve the Rabbi wine prior to your child's circumcision.

September 15th, 1998
I think maybe I'm kind of bitter.

September 23rd, 1998
I wonder if once they get their way, their way is what they wanted?

September 24th, 1998
Bill Clinton is a pretty horny guy for his age.

September 29th, 1998
Remember when "happy" was more than just a word in the dictionary?

1998 Alex Sandell [all rights reserved] Because, hey - if you wrote something as good as My September Song "September, oooooooh September - you were sadistic, fart." wouldn't you copyright it, too?

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