Profound Question/Thought/Wonderment of the Day for the Allergen Filled Month of April
Written by: Alex Sandell

April 1st, 1999
Fifteen is a really rotten number.

April 6th, 1999
David Arquette is totally stoned.

April 7th, 1999
People who die wearing goggles lived life looking dumb.

April 19th, 1999
I wish we grew cotton candy out of our heads, instead of hair.  That would be cool.

April 20th, 1999
Furby's would be better if they blew fire and killed people.

April 23rd, 1999
If your doctor told you the only way he could treat you was by licking your balls, would you let him?  If you were a female, would you wonder where you've been hiding your balls all these years?

April 26th, 1999
If the Lord is a programmer, he sure screwed up when he created Bill Gates.

April 28th, 1999
Marilyn Manson would be scarier if he was a Shriner, and worked for the circus.

April 30th, 1999
I think the first person to invent a "flashdark" will be rich and well-rested.

1999 Alex Sandell [all rights reserved]. Check out today's OTHER update by clicking here!

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