Profound Question/Thought/Wonderment of the Day for the Jabbering Month of January!
Written by: Alex Sandell

January 5th, 2000
This just isn't my century. 

January 6th, 2000
Sometimes it's funny when old ladies fall to their deaths.

January 7th, 2000
It's when "company policy" took precedence over common courtesy that the
world went horribly wrong.

January 8th, 2000
Sometimes I wish everyone else was a midget, so I could be really tall.

January 9th, 2000
Wouldn't God sending his children to Hell qualify as some sort of child abuse?

January 11th, 2000
Masturbation?  I prefer, "prophetic indulgence."

January 14th, 2000
One day, when you're feeling blue, you could strangle yourself, and look like you feel.

January 17th, 2000
I hated today's profound thought, so I have removed it, and am replacing it with the lyrics to "Bird on the Wire," by Leonard Cohen, instead:

January 20th, 2000
Just keep telling yourself, "at least I'm not Al Iverson . . . at least I'm not Al Iverson . . .  at least I'm not Al Iverson."

January 22nd, 2000
Live for the moment, unless you die, which would kind of screw things up.

January 25th, 2000
The only time I've ever seen anything good "come" out of a merger, was in a porno movie.

January 28th, 2000
Sometimes a middle-finger can be the best friend you got.

January 29th, 2000

2000 Alex Sandell [all rights reserved]. Don't copy this, without my permission, or I'll make sure you never "come" again; even if it is a fucking merger!

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