The Great Republican Smokescreen
Written by: Alex Sandell

They did it in 2000 with the ongoing "scandal" involving Bill Clinton and his blowjob.  It happened again in 2002, with the "War on Terror" (a title they could have just as well used regarding Clinton getting his dick licked, considering how "terrified" the Religious Right was over the act).  Most recently it occurred in 2004, with the gay marriage issue.  Now, in election year 2006, the Republicans are doing the same thing with Immigrants. They've hijacked the airwaves and the minds of Americans and have made this the ONLY issue anyone is discussing.

Tom Delay resigns from Congress, Abramoff goes to jail for 6 years, Feingold calls for a censure of the President, Cheney drinks beer and shoots the elderly, Medicare and Medicaid are crumbling entirely, a civil war is breaking out in Iraq, civil liberties are being violated in America, the Environment is in shambles and Bush's approval ratings are at an all time low. Yet, the only thing people have been talking about the past couple of weeks -- even on C-SPAN, which is usually nothing but politics -- is immigration.

Almost everyone gets riled up over this issue. Everyone takes a side and has an opinion.  It's the perfect smokescreen and the perfect way to get the media focus off of the numerous Republican scandals and blatant violations of the law. But will any of this be discussed this election year?  Not unless Democrats take back the reigns and refocus American's minds.  If not, all the candidates on both sides are going to be talking about and defending is their position on immigration.

These guys (Repubs) are good. Really, really good. They wipe any and every scandal involving them under the rug within a month, and keep scandals involving Democrats (think Bill's blowjob) alive for years. They find an issue (abortion, "the war on Christmas," etc.) they know will divide the good people of America and get this one-track country thinking of nothing else.

I just channel-surfed through CNN, C-SPAN, C-SPAN 2, MSNBC and Fox News and every single one is reporting on the immigration issue.  In the meantime, the Environment is getting more polluted by the minute, Dick Cheney still isn't coming clean, Medicare and Medicaid is still crumbling, a civil war is still brewing, our civil liberties are still being violated and Bush's approval ratings are still in a free-fall.  But almost nobody cares, because they're all too busy thinking about the Mexican mowing their neighbor's lawn, where the grass is somehow always just a little bit greener.

Article copyright 2006 Alex Sandell [All Rights Reserved].  Transcribed by Pedro for $1.18 an hour while listening to Mariachi bands.  Because no American was willing to take the job.

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