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Review Written by: Alex Sandell

1st Act = masterpiece.

2nd Act = decent entertainment.

3rd Act = terrible (or, at best, "typical").

In act 1, an isolated Wall-E is introduced to a sympathetic audience. The robot is busy trying to keep himself entertained as he remains hopeful in his quest to find true love. These moments -- similar in nature to the first half of I Am Legend, without all the poorly rendered CG zombies -- are absolutely beautiful (in a silent film type way that the great Charlie Chaplin perfected).

In act 2, Wall-E meets Eve. The robotic romance is touching and children will be overjoyed while watching. Hell, I nearly clapped like a retard at the circus, but I am a child at heart (and not in that bullshit obnoxious neo-yuppie way). But just when everything is going right Pixar goes and gets cold feet. 

In act 3, the first two acts are betrayed with big, dumb action scenes, lame slapstick comedy and a tacked on ending. It nearly killed my inner-child, but I put him on life-support for the upcoming Hellboy II and Batman Begins.

Is Wall-E still worth watching? Definitely. But what could have been Pixar's definitive masterpiece winds up as one of their lesser films.

It shows what a hugely impressive track-record Pixar has that I'm disappointed in a film I would rate an 8 out of 10. It had the potential to be a perfect 10 and had it stuck it out without dumbing itself down, it would have easily attained that rare level of perfection.

Juicy squirts out of a maximum 10 ejaculations

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