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George Carlin: It's Bad For Ya
Review Written by: Alex Sandell

George Carlin's last HBO show is a step up from the nihilistic Life is Worth Losing (which I saw live at some casino) and is a fitting farewell to the greatest comedian of the 20th (and, thus far, the 21st) century.

This one also makes for a fitting bookend with his first HBO special, with a couple of callbacks to that show three decades ago, including another hilarious spiel on hats. He also talks about the advantages of being old (not "getting" old, but BEING old), politics, ugly babies, boring telephone conversations, hating Lance Armstrong, death and the afterlife (or lack thereof).

Like always he's equally funny when riffing on casual Seinfeldesque topics or philosophizing on serious issues. This is a can't miss for any fan of the late, great George Carlin. Thanks George, for putting a smile on my face one last time. You'll be missed.

9 Juicy squirts out of a maximum 10 ejaculations

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